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The truth and lies of your personal brand!

The truth and lies of your personal brand!   “ It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.”                               Jane Austen                              Sense and Sensibility     Well friends, Jane Austen had it right before the personal branding revolution was invented. The truth behind your brand is the actions you take.   Our society focuses on the external and we need t ...

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Marketing Matters

By Katherine Miracle (written for CBC magazine) Your relationship with your target market must be built on your customers/clients feeling significant and valued.  What is your plan to make customers feel valued and significant in your business? Example: From the time you meet them, through the entire transaction, what actions and behaviors would your target market see and feel, from you and all the people, ...

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How well do you know your industry ? Ideas that will increase revenue and engage alliances.

Knowing your industry: Industry Health and Trends Please answer the following questions: Is your industry segment growing or declining? _______________________ _____________________________________________________________ Is the current economy growing or declining?________________________ _____________________________________________________________ What factors affect your business?_______________________ ...

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Are you Exceptional? What your follow up and personal advertising campaign say about you!

Follow up Plan of Action using Smart Goal: (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Consider how you will follow up with customers without burdening them with too many messages. How do you plan to find out how customers like to communicate? E-Mail Phone Text Social Media High Touch meeting or seminar Free gift Hand written letters Example: Smart Goal- I will send a hand written thank you not ...

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