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Video Library

Your Strategic Personal Brand & 3 Ways to Create It Your Strategic Personal Brand The Power of Leadership, Problem Solving and Positive Attitude   Katherine Miracle Speaker Katherine Miracle Speaker Katherine Miracle – Fox8 News Interview College Speaki ...

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Hire a speaker who has done it, teaches it and will help you succeed at it. Topics for Keynote, Seminar and Orientation Select all that your audience needs and Katherine will customize a presentation for your organization. • Advertising • Secrets to a Successful Business (entrepreneurship) • Miracle Service (customer service) • Team Building • Leadership, Problem Solving and Positive Attitude • Networking • ...

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Katherine Miracle CV

Owner & Founder, Miracle Resources, LLC  Phone 330-777-2003 ext. 100 294 E.Exchange Street  Akron, Ohio 44304 E-mail:    SUMMARY  Educator, development, advertising, sales and marketing professional with senior level experience and successful record of advancement results Background includes the following professional initiatives:  Fundraising/ Sales ...

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Three Quick Marketing Tips Going into the New Year

Here are three quick tips to increase revenue and market your brand: Tip 1 — In 2017 create a brand event (brand stamp). A brand stamp is an event that invites your clients and showcases what you do. An event showcasing your product with a component to help a charity can engage new target markets. Your content marketing and social media can create attention for the event. This is your opportunity to engage ...

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How to fix a dysfunctional team and elevate your company brand

  Why do  team members cause you problems and kill your company brand? The answers are found in this simple story:   In high school I attended a leadership retreat that changed my life. But when I returned from the retreat I was forced to use what I learned. I was asked to babysit for a family that could not keep a babysitter but they paid very well and I needed money for college so I figured I wo ...

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5 ways your team is killing your brand & how to solve it!

5 ways your team is killing your brand & how to solve it! The same people who think they are protecting the brand are killing it! Let’s learn from some examples: Your team refreshes the brand without stakeholder input: Learn from Coca Cola when customers were outraged by a brand/product change. Closer to home, a local university whose has changed leadership, in part because of a new brand campaign. In l ...

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Why your customer stopped loving your brand!

Why your customer stopped loving your brand   The truth about love is… it takes work! So let me ask you a tough question. Why do your customers say no to your brand? Not sure? Well sadly most brands are created to solve a problem but lose their way when they stop working and here are the ways they stop working:   Your customers do not feel significant to your brand. Example: A customer has purchas ...

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