Training: Brand + Team = Revenue

by Katherine Miracle

Customized Training for your Team

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Ask Yourself….

Would everyone on your team be able to
describe your company brand and culture?

How can teams to work together
when they do not have the proper training
to communicate?

Does your team have a charter?

Why do executives go to one
training while other team
members attend another?

 About Katherine Miracle

Katherine Miracle, MBA award-winning Speaker/Trainer and Marketer, is a Brand & Team Builder.
She serves her clients as a revenue development strategist and motivator through her expertise
as a…

Katherine Miracle, MBA is an award-winning public speaker and the recipient of the “Best Speaker/Facilitator” Award for CBC Magazine. By motivating her client’s team members through
speaking events around the country, she fixes the long-set issues through team building, brand building and communication training. Miracle Resources has increased revenue and strengthened
teams for over 100 brands. Over 5,000 professionals have been trained by Miracle Resources.

Katherine is the Founder and CEO of Miracle Resources, LLC. Miracle Resources is a full service Marketing, Public Relations & Training Firm. Increasing revenue for 100 brands and providing
training, and success coaching for businesses and non-profit organizations through its training program that increases revenue and awareness, “Brand + Team = Revenue.” This national
franchised certification program specifically targets branding and team building to increase revenue.

Katherine is also the founder of “Americas Respect Revolution”, which aims to rebrand America’s ideals through a change in its cultural approach to social interaction. “America’s Respect Revolution” has inspired children and adults to treat each other fairly and equitably through interactive seminars. All proceeds go towards creating free Respect Resources. Katherine’s work as an entrepreneur has been honored as a Distinguished Marketing Executive by Sales & Marketing Executive International. The Elite Women Award from International Business Women was presented to Katherine in 2016.

Katherine is the author of three books. The first, “Discovering your Dawn,” uses Katherine’s
own life experience to create a highly-relatable narrative that motivates readers to overcome
their difficulties in order to achieve their true potential. Her second book, “Marketing That Drives
Revenue,” helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders increase revenue. Katherine’s third
book, “Your Strategic Personal Brand… The Truth and the Lies,” gives readers the tools to use
their own Strategic Personal Branding to find their passion and purpose. This book is used in
“Brand Building + Team Building = Revenue Building” training, as well as at several
career colleges.

Katherine Miracle is a graduate of the University of Akron with degrees in Business /
Communication and Theatre Arts Department. She then graduated with Honors from the
University of Phoenix with her MBA.

Return on Investment

Katherine Miracle & the consultants of Miracle Resources have…

Secured $4 million in free publicity for corporations and non-profits.

Trained over 15,000 professionals to build their personal brand, workplace team and company brand, resulting in increased revenue.

Created advertising and marketing campaigns that increased revenue

Served as communications specialists, publicists, and as a public relations firm for 25 businesses.

Educated over 700 job seekers to network and market themselves to secure their dream career.

Educated over 500 fundraising professionals in high-tech and high-touch resources in order to increase revenue.

Motivated over 500 sales and marketing professionals to “stop marketing and start motivating” using the Miracle Resources Diamond Four-Point Marketing Strategy to increase revenue.

Raised over $30 million for ten non-profit organizations.

My Approach

Time for a Branding or Re-Branding Campaign?

Miracle Resources hosts a fun and interactive  Vision/tSWOT analysis session with stakeholders to create value proposition statement.

A complete Needs Assessment of your target market is prepared for you.

Market Research is completed to ensure your success.
Miracle Resources creates a Vision Statement based on the value your product or service provides, the needs of your target market and the research results of your target market.

Fun and Interactive focus groups are held to ensure the target market will engage with your product/services.

Miracle Resources creates and executes a revenue development & marketing campaign to show value to  your target market.

Featured Training Programs

  • Creating a Culture of Success & Respect
  • Confidence Training
  • Communication Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mastering Your Mindset From The Inside Out-To build your Brand,
    Team & Revenue
  • And many more – Download list here

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