The story of a college professor’s legacy in changing the life of a student.

Dr. Ruth B. Lewis Scholarship will be honored at the 2017 Brand + Team = Revenue Awards Luncheon and Professional Development Day!

Dr. Ruth B. Lewis served as a professor at The University of Akron School of Communication from 1966 until her death in 1992. Dr. Lewis was known for her commitment to her students, and in 1986 she made a phone call that would change a life. That Labor Day weekend Dr. Lewis saw the news that two University of Akron students were murdered in an off campus tragedy. Realizing her student, Kathy Robinson, was a sorority sister of the victims and had stopped attending her class she made a crucial call that brought Kathy back to class. 

Dr. Lewis, who had over 120 students, took the time to reach out and was strategic in how she brought Kathy back to class. Kathy Robinson, now Katherine Miracle, recalls:

“After my friends were murdered I stopped going to all my classes and I was experiencing symptoms of PTSD. Dr. Lewis said ‘Kathy, I need your talent in my class.’ Her words made me want to help, and the fact she needed me gave me the strength to return to class. In fall of 1986 it was rare for a professor to call you. For Dr. Lewis to take the time was exceptional. Dr. Lewis, along with Dr. Dudley Turner, University of Akron administration, and my sorority sisters, helped me through that time.”

Katherine Miracle is now an adjunct instructor in the School of Communication and feels her life has come full circle. Miracle now helps students and is a strong supporter of The University of Akron Help A Zip program. The program provides students support in trying times and provides a way for faculty to secure help for their students. 

In 1986 Dr. Lewis did this work on her own. Today Katherine Miracle has the honor of raising money for the Dr. Ruth B. Lewis Scholarship at The University of Akron School of Communication through her company’s event “Brand+Team=Revenue Awards Luncheon,” where Dr. Dudley Turner’s award winning photography will be auctioned off to raise money for the Scholarship. 

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