Katherine Miracle presents the following to college students:

Overcoming Stress and Preventing a Personal Crisis (see Bio)

Katherine shares the mistakes she made during a time of tragedy in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. Using real life examples she makes her experience one that others can relate to. This presentation impacts college students because it is about the loss that she experienced when two of her close friends and sorority sisters were killed. Katherine has written a book about this topic. It is called “The Year the Devil Loved” and it is scheduled to be published later this year.

Why this presentation is important for students: College Students report feeling increased stress and sometimes will not ask for help in times of crisis. Student audience testimonials show that students will listen to a speaker/college instructor who has survived tragedy and can help them prevent a crisis.

The topics in the presentation include:

• Accepting others view of what is beautiful
• Creating your own personal/professional code of ethics
• Dealing with relationship issues
• Eliminating pride
• Eliminating the fear of success
• Moving away from negativity
• Not recognizing the danger of jealousy
• Preventing stress from controlling your life
• Recognizing emotional abuse and verbal abuse
• Releasing dependence on others
• Stopping self doubt
• Study tips for stressed out students
• Understanding addiction
• Understanding guilt

Katherine’s hope is her book and public speaking including sharing the Code of Personal Ethics that she developed will help college students build and maintain healthy relationships.