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3 tips to rock your marketing in 2016

Rock your Marketing in 2016 ONE VOICE - ONE VISION - ONE TEAM   ONE VOICE:   Optics help your company to see what our potential customers view about you. An on line search by a potential customer or influencer would include the word review. Although it is true that a potential customer who learned about your brand may never do a review search but what if they do?    What will they find?   Please r ...

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The truth and lies of your personal brand!

The truth and lies of your personal brand!   “ It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.”                               Jane Austen                              Sense and Sensibility     Well friends, Jane Austen had it right before the personal branding revolution was invented. The truth behind your brand is the actions you take.   Our society focuses on the external and we need t ...

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What message are you really sending? Stop Marketing…Start Asking “Your secret system to helping your customers/clients fall in love with your product/service.” Stop Marketing….Start Asking! Your clients/customers are being hit with so many messages from your competition that they are wondering which choice is best for them.  Your clients/customers will only become a raving fan of your product or service, if ...

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Do Not Kill Your Brand with Your 2015 Training Program

If you answer yes to the any of the following, you put your company brand at risk and can decrease productivity. Make the corrections now and ensure that your 2015 training programs support your marketing and company brand. Your training in 2015 is all online and not interactive: You run a great risk, your employees will become bored and surveys show employees admit they look at their Facebook page during t ...

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Do you believe the American Culture is respectful?

Changing a Culture Imagine America as a land full of people who were truly themselves. Not trying to impress others but just respecting each other. If we stop judging and started respecting each other everyone would feel accepted. We judge brands and people. What we need to accept differences and value humans. Our Americas’ Respect Revolution team spoke at a school and met a sweet girl who shared this story ...

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