Product Pusher: 

            Example: A decorator who wants to sell inventory pushes product but the customer wants a design plan. The customer wanted to be listened to and needed help to make his vision (campaign) come true. By buying product after product the customer has a home full of mismatched furniture with no real feel for design.  

            The core of the real problem, the decorator is try to push inventory to make back the money they spent on the inventory. This creates the one and done story. The decorator will sell one piece but miss all other purchases.  

            Are you pushing a product?  Do you have a step-by-step process that creates a plan to help your clients? 

             I love creating campaigns that showcase the process of how the customer is given an experience not just a product.  

No Research: 

            A Salesperson has no clue what the competition is doing regarding prices or product performance. The company will not grow without continued purchases from customers.  The first opportunity with a customer must bring future opportunities. 

            I love researching the competition when I do a business plan and that includes a sales plan of action.  

Working without a campaign

            A campaign shares a goal that customers, clients and fans want to be a part of.  Some brands create a campaign to help a charity or community project. If your brand is not impacting change, then you are just selling products.  Some products are the change, but without sharing the vision of how the product helps people or protects them, there is no excitement and engagement.  

            I have learned how to build a tribe from the customer base by working with well know brands and start-ups. This is powerful and will help you build your brand, team and revenue.  

            I love creating campaigns! Our team has built campaigns and brands for over 100 companies. We increased their revenue but never expected to have so much fun changing the culture of those companies. 

A campaign is a movement and can become a revolution! 

 Never work with out a campaign!

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            As a college instructor at The University of Akron & Kent State University Katherine helps students build their brand through communication and she can often be found traveling to college campuses speaking on “Results, Relationships & Respect” This workshop for college students focuses on Katherine’s book “Discovering Your Dawn” which is based on a real story of tragedy that turned to a tribute and helps people overcome the obstacles they face and unlock their potential.  

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