pexels-photo-264797-300x191The power of Flo of Progressive, the Geico Gecko and actors who take on a spokesperson role bring power to a brand.  The advantage of customers falling in love with or being entertained by the character (AFLAC Duck, the Pillsbury Dough Boy or Hello Kitty) is brand equity.

The key to a strong mascot, spokesperson or brand ambassador is that fans of your brand must be able to engage, be entertained and be open to being educated about your product.

If your business does not have a mascot, spokesperson or brand ambassador: Consider a mascot, select a spokesperson (maybe a current client or customer) and select a group of brand ambassadors (maybe a group of moms who buy your product if you sell children’s products) by considering who your target market will relate to, be inspired by or be entertained by.  A strategy of events, social media, contests to name the mascot and video is the key to success.

The Branded Gift Strategy to Engage Customers/Clients

A gift of thanks shows your appreciation but your creativity is shown when you give something that reflects your brand and is of value to the person who will receive it.  To make a lasting impression, think of your brand and then create.  Let’s look at some excellent examples:

Colleges with mascots show their brand and the gift can be enjoyed by all ages. As I travel I will see stuffed animal mascots on CEOs’ desks, reflecting the pride they have in a college they love (even if they are not an alum of the college).

Design companies will often give a useful color wheel for gifts.  The receiver loves this because of its functional use.

Personal brands are often reflected through homemade gifts or food. A treasure in Northeast Ohio is my mother’s fudge. It is delicious and a reflection of her love for her family, doctors, friends and neighbors. What can you make or create that reflects your personal brand?

My favorite Chanel scarf is a gift from Sam Miller.  For every woman he works with the Chanel scarf is reflection of this brand: class and confidence.

What is your signature gift or show of appreciation?  What truly reflects who you are?


Katherine Miracle is the CEO of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations, and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand.” Please connect with her via email or Twitter.