Why do  team members cause you problems and kill your company brand?

The answers are found in this simple story:


In high school I attended a leadership retreat that changed my life. But when I returned from the retreat I was forced to use what I learned. I was asked to babysit for a family that could not keep a babysitter but they paid very well and I needed money for college so I figured I would make it work.


I almost lost hope when within the first 5 minutes of their parents leaving; one child dumped a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide on her head so she could have blonde hair like me!   Her brothers released their pony and told me it got out of the pen. As I was running down the street with the kids, I thought why did I take this job.


I learned at Leadership training we needed team vision training and I needed to get to the core of what these kids really wanted.

I used Appreciative Inquiry and it worked because when I asked each of them what they wanted our night with the babysitter to be like, we agreed (visioned) 3 fun projects we could do.

As we built a tent fort (the voted on project)


I listened as to why Hydrogen Peroxide child tried to catch my attention – Past babysitters had to deal with the boys and she never got attention (does this sound like one of your co-workers!)  


The boys then shared that past sitters just watched TV so letting the pony out was great entertainment for them (now do you know why some team members cause drama!)


The core of the problem for every new babysitter was that the kids kept doing it because they never got caught! Each babysitter never told but instead said they were busy when the parents called for babysitting. The problem was never addressed and we all know if someone has comfort in his or her behavior they keep doing it. So the pattern of the kid’s behavior is just like your team, when no one voices concerns, bad behavior becomes company culture.


The kids are just like your team at work, they need a team vision that is created by everyone. When the core of the problem is fixed we elevate brands. In my case kept kids out of the hospital and a pony in the pen!

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