Leaders do you know what kills brands, teams and revenue?


The real reason brands find themselves in crisis: best/loyal team members just left!


This is the letter a leader will never get but if they did they would know exactly why their best team member left.


Dear Boss,


         When you told me that I needed to select better timing to bring up and idea that made me want to speak up and explain why I chose that time to share, but I did not get to explain because you cut me off.


            Remember the time you showed me my mistake in front of a group of people? I was so embarrassed, I promised myself I would quit that day, but I loved the work I did and I loved working with the clients.


            I am proud of the work I did and when you did not say thank you and no one on the team said thank you I knew that I needed to work for the clients and that deepened my relationships with them. The clients became my team and mentors and as you know that is when my numbers grew.


            Sadly no matter how much money I brought it, it was never good enough and when you played favorites I made the decision to not care about the team or you anymore.


            As I worked at our company I began to see that the way you treated me became the way everyone treated me. It seemed it was okay to my co-workers because you did it. When everyone did what you did I decided to file a complaint with HR and seek a lawyer.

            The lawyer and HR asked me if I addressed my complaints with you and I explained that I did but when I tried to share my thoughts, you made me feel like it was my problem.


            I have now completed a yelp on you and our company. I am posting on all of my social media about what you said and I have saved letters you have written to me and I am sharing them on Reddit. The top clients who appreciated my work have asked me where I am going so they can work with me.


Thank you for showing me how to not act when I am the boss.


Your former employee 



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