Principles of a Successful Business
“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed”
-Booker T. Washington
The following statements/ principles will guide you as you motivational market:
• The greatest leaders shared with me, as I began my business, that I could make more money if I was dishonest, but if I wanted to be ethical, grow and sustain a business, I would need to make every decision as if everyone was watching. That advice has grown Miracle Resources and attracted the talent, clients and vendors who are a blessing to work with every day.

• Respect for yourself and your business is supreme…you do not have to be the owner, founder or CEO of a business to create the vision and grow the team.

• Triumph over failure and rejection…learn from it and be accountable. The mistakes and rejections today will make you stronger, if you choose to let it!

• It takes capital, contacts and courage to start your own business!

• The people you work with, and in your personal life, need to feel they matter to you. They need to feel you will be there and keep your word. To keep the relationship strong, it must be varied in tasks and ideas, or the relationship becomes stale. Seek to find the engagement with people, so you both grow and contribute to a successful alliance.

• Bring to your customers/clients and coworkers passion for your work, resources and support!

• All meaningful and lasting change is said to start from the inside out. Get your mind set for success, so you build internally; then expand globally. Entrepreneur’s code: failure is not an option!

• Your belief will define you and your business! If you set your mind for what you want, with the correct motivation, you will develop the habits, attitude, belief and expectations that help you succeed in business.