High School is fun, right?  

Well, Sometimes…  so look at the list below of Bolded problems and tell me if you agree that the workplace can often be similar to high school:

In the Parentheses ( ) you will see the needed training, so tell me should this training be offered in the workplace and the school system?  

If you watched “13 Reasons Why” you would see the counselor needed a simple system to ensure he listened and responded instead of reacting.
If you have not seen the show, please know it is intense, but you will learn that how people listen and respond in the workplace and in school can prevent or create a crisis.
(Miracle Service Customer Service Training)

Thinking people are all good or all bad instead of listening and learning about people then choosing how you want to engage.
(Listening & Appreciative Inquiry Training)

When the horn and halo effect happen in a school or workplace, unfair advantage and punishment are given.
(Standards of Success Training &
Unconscious Bias Training )

Individual vision clashes with team vision until people are valued for their unique talents and those talents are incorporated in a team vision.
(Team Charter Training)

When people are branded because there is no personal branding training, conflicts and crisis follow. When people know their personal brand and build it strategically, they perform exceptionally and build the brand of a school or their workplace.
When people have not built their identity, they try to be someone they are not. A person will change to fit in, groupthink happens, and people often hurt themselves and others in the process.
(Strategic Personal Branding Training)

When people want what you have, and will bully until they get it.
This happens because the core of the person’s real problem is not solved, but it can be solved through team training and coaching.
(Stopping Negativity and Bullying Training)

When there is no hope and inspiration in your team.
If hope is not present, how can trust be built?
(Team Brand Building Training)

Entitlement, when a team member believes their need is superior, and they are superior to others, teams fail.  If you want your team to be accountable they need training and a process that helps them see the long-term impact of their actions.
(Respectful Communication Training)

You learned in high school you needed to protect yourself and not depend on others. If you did not learn that in high school you had to learn that later. Sadly, without the training that makes an individual stronger, they cannot bring their unique talents to a team. When a person knows their value they gain a confidence, when they do not feel value they will act out.  Remember that person in high school…acting out got them attention.
(Confidence and Motivation Training)

Unrealistic thoughts, when people are not aware of how they impact others, they act in ways that make problems worse and hurt their team. Training and team charters help teams create a vision and select behavior that creates the vision. With no emotional intelligence training, emotions are unfiltered and cause problems.
(Emotional Intelligence Training)

Jealousy, remember high school?  Jealousy was dangerous and it will only continue if nothing is done to solve it. Team leaders who believe jealousy creates healthy competition will see conflicts within the team and turnover in the team.
Healthy competition exists when people compete with their own talent and use training to improve performance. Comparing ourselves to others is like expecting an apple to give the same flavor as an orange.
(Strategic Personal Branding Training & Team Charters)

In high school, different people received different training. When this happens groups are formed and there is no common bond. With continuous training that includes the entire team, a common bond forms and with a great facilitator/trainer the cliques are broken up and new friendships form.
(Mentoring Circle Training)

External influences need to be engaged, in high school that is parents. In exceptional companies that includes sharing information with clients, stakeholders, shareholders, vendors, and people who support your team members. Example networking training for spouses and partners.
(Networking Training)

Too busy syndrome and body language that is not read correctly can mean disaster.  Training is needed to recognize signs, not to be a counselor but to protect the team, yourself and a person in crisis. (Balance, Time Management & Stress Reduction Training)

Not pulling in help when you need it before the crisis. Sadly, team members do not admit overload and mistakes are made. When a school or workplace has a team approach to help and support team members, we are never too busy and mistakes are corrected before they become a crisis.  Example: another set of eyes on a problem can help create new options that can help create an optimal solution.
(Leadership, Problem Solving & Positive Attitude Training)

Close friendships with leadership happen in the workplace and in schools, which can be great, but when they become alliances that exclude others, the resentment can cause problems.  Of course, you remember in high school the clique or group that took on a new member who brought protection for the group or did something to prove they fit in.
(Creating a Culture of Success and Respect Training)

So how does your workplace rate?

Do you have some items on the above list that your team needs to move from High School behavior to an exceptional professional team?

What training do you have planned for the rest of 2018? 

Watching a video is not enough!
Individual coaching, small group discussion, team exercises to solve problems and team building experiences help include everyone.

Your words, actions, and behavior can show a person you value them or show them they are interrupting your day. Training helps us communicate without adding more time to your day but instead adding more value to others and yourself.

We have the complete continuous training program for your team.  Our monthly training can build your team, brand, and revenue!

The problems in high schools can also show up in the workplace unless we have continuous team training

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