Is your office respectful?  Is your family respectful?  Can you function as a team without respect?

Take the test to see how you score! 

Respect/ Teamwork Test

1. Does your office or family really listen to each other?   Yes or No

2. After any type of communication is their uncertainty or need for clarification that causes disagreements?   Yes or No

3. Do people in your family or company respond to problems?    Yes or No

4 Are clients/customers/family members or staff treated with respect?  Yes or No

5. Is the culture of your family or office sarcastic (put downs, people teasing then saying “I was just kidding”) Yes or No

6. Do your team members or family members gossip and spread rumors?   Yes or No

7.  Do you work in an environment or are you in a family that has different small groups of people who are close and the groups often alienate each other?  Yes or No

8.  Do people in your company or family go to the source of their confusion or frustration?   Yes or No

9.  Are people in your company or family accountable?  Yes or No

10.  Does your company or family have a team charter?  Yes or No

Give yourself 1 point for every yes you scored



Scores 4 to 6  points- Excellent keep working and growing. Miracle Resources has free resources through our website and along with Katherine Miracle You Tube Channel.

Score 2 to 3 points- Time to have a talk about how things can be better!  Be the one person to suggest working together and improving the culture.  Sign up for our free blog at that comes out weekly and share with your family or office!

Scores  0 or 1 point- Help is on the way! Just call us at 330-777-2003 ext. 100   Miracle Resources has help large corporations to small business, non-profits & colleges build their brands through teamwork and respect.

Recently, we have helped a family owned business that lead to work with several families!  Communication is the Key and we can help!

Check out to see the free videos that will impact your team or family to make a change!


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