If you answer yes to the any of the following, you put your company brand at risk and can decrease productivity. Make the corrections now and ensure that your 2015 training programs support your marketing and company brand.

Your training in 2015 is all online and not interactive:

You run a great risk, your employees will become bored and surveys show employees admit they look at their Facebook page during trainings! Great training is interactive and requests input from your team. Just ask your team, do they feel their input matters?

Your training in 2015 does not include any respectful communication training:

Reports prove that respect in the workplace increases productivity. If your training is not in the area of communication, especially respectful communication, you open your company to possible lawsuits and productivity issues. This training is urgent in today’s culture and will help your employees grow their personal brand while protecting the company brand.

Sexual-harassment training is not included in your plan for 2015:

The best trainings are interactive & engaging and give a group dynamic. Your brand can be damaged if your team does not understand what puts your company at risk. If you do not have this training every year, talk to your legal counsel and your insurance company about the risks.


Training on “communicating the company brand with one voice” is not part of your 2015 plan:

Your team needs the training so they can increase revenue by sharing the value of your company. If you had no plan for this training you put your brand at stake. The best people who could market your company won’t be trained to help do exactly what you want them to do… bring in business!


If you have not engaged the entire company on the prospects that your company wants look at what can go wrong:

Example: As a marketing firm we went into work with a client and we were talking with the CEO about a target the CEO was pursuing, when we walked past the receptionist desk, the receptionist turned to me and said, “My brother-in-law is a vice president at that company. I had no idea we wanted to pursue this company.”

Can you imagine what the people in your office could do if everyone worked as a team by sharing value proposition and the targets for 2015.

Your company does not have team charter training:


Team charters for each area in the company are needed so it is clear how team members work together. The team charter includes actions, goals, behavior, deadlines and consequences. This training must be interactive and include everyone on the team not just certain people. The charter is created by the team so everyone has buy in and accountability.


You have no plan for networking/building relationship training:

Your team may not know how to network/build relationships or they may think they are doing it correctly but they may need help. Everyone in your company reflects your brand, are you happy with how they are representing the brand?



Did you answer yes to any of the above? If yes do not worry it is not too late!


Training should be monthly and should be educational, engaging and entertaining.


You can even engage clients:

Here is a great gift for clients Example as a speaker I was hired by a client to do a networking training. The company who hired me invited all of their clients and the clients top leadership. The event was held in the spring but it served as the Christmas gift to their clients, instead of sending poinsettias to everyone they gave the gift of training!

The clients appreciated it because the training helped everyone, they were so much more thankful that they didn’t get a Poinsettia. Training builds your team, builds your brand and protects your company!