Akron Rubber Ducks, Huntington, Greater Akron Chamber & Kathy Romito honored at Brand + Team = Revenue Award dinner September 13th

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Miracle Resources will honor the brands that have helped shape the Akron area.

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Katherine Miracle CEO of Miracle Resources, a full service Marketing, Public Relations & Training firm, will host an awards banquet to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on September 13 at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium Ballroom. Miracle will not only honor the brands and companies that have shaped the Akron area this past year, but will donate all proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Sponsorship is provided through Western Reserve Hospital.

The event begins at 4:00 pm, at which time Katherine Miracle and her team will present a Showcase Seminar featuring the essential connection between a business’ brand, team, and revenue. After the informational seminar, guests are encouraged to network with other attendees. They will also have the opportunity to speak with the event’s beneficiaries, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. At 6:30 p.m., the catered awards banquet will begin.

2016 Award Winners are





“Brand + Team = Revenue”, or BTR, is a strategy implemented by Miracle Resources to help bring businesses up to their optimal level of success. BTR targets the inner structures of a business, and helps train staff members to cooperate, communicate, and collaborate. This, in tandem with a strong brand, brings companies to their optimal level of success. Miracle Resources plans to honor area businesses that exemplify these ideals through the September 13 BTR awards, and aims to encourage other corporations to seek success through these branding ideals.

About Katherine Miracle:

Award winning speaker & marketer, Katherine Miracle, MBA is called a Brand Builder, as a thought leader and expert marketer, she serves her clients as a revenue development strategist and motivator. Clients say she is the one who helps people get to the core of the real problems in their organization and helps people unlock their potential through internal marketing and branding.

Katherine is the Founder & Owner of Miracle Resources. Miracle Resources is a full service marketing, public relations and training firm. Miracle Resources is nationally recognized for their program that increase revenue and awareness, the program is called:

Brand + Team = Revenue

The program uses certified trainers and is now a national program with trainers covering the United States.

Katherine is the author of “Discovering your Dawn”, published by Advantage Media; the book has helped people unlock their potential and provides motivation. Katherine teaches Advertising and Promotions and Entrepreneurship at VMCAD and is a professional speaker who was voted Best Speaker/ Facilitator for CBC Magazine. Katherine teaches Public Speaking at The University of Akron.

Katherine is the author of “Marketing That Drives Revenue” which helps professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders increase revenue. Katherine & Miracle Resources are winners of the Distinguished Marketing Sales Awards from both the Cleveland & Akron organizations.

Katherine’s third book “Your Strategic Personal Brand…the truth and the lies Using Strategic Personal Branding to find your passion and purpose which is used in:

Brand + Team = Revenue  training and several career colleges 

Katherine is founder of Americas Respect Revolution, a brand that creates respect resources to teach respect.  

Katherine is an Elite Woman International Alpha Award winner. She is a graduate of the University of Akron with degrees in Business /Communications & Theatre Arts who graduated with honors from The University of Phoenix with an MBA. 

Return on Investment:

Katherine Miracle and the consultants of Miracle Resources have

•      Trained over 5,000 professionals to build their strategic personal brand, their workplace team and the company brand resulting in increased revenue. 

•      Secured four million dollars in free publicity for corporations and non-profits

•      Created advertising/marketing campaigns that increased revenue for more than 50 businesses

•      Served as communications specialist, publicist and public relations firm for 25 businesses

•      Educated over 700 job seekers to market themselves and network to secure their dream career

•      Educated over 500 fundraising professionals in high tech and high touch resources to increase revenue

•      Motivated over 500 sales and marketing professionals to stop marketing and start motivating using the Miracle Resources Diamond Four Point Marketing strategy that increase revenue.

•      Raised over 30 million for 10 non profits