Who are the Push and Pull that guide you and coach you?


We all need someone who is the push to get you moving and to look at your faults and establish accountability.


We all need someone who is the pull; they pull you in and slow things down so you can be strategic yet they provide peace in the tough stuff of life.


Without these people your business, brand, team and revenue are at risk.


When I started Miracle Resources in 2003 my father was my push and was not afraid to share what needed to be changed! His love was in each comment but often I was sick of hearing it! Looking back I needed to hear it.


My mother was the pull, she had a way of helping without judging, she used appreciative inquiry to help me learn from my own answers to her questions. She had the ability to slow me down and be strategic.


Maybe you are like me and you have two people in your life who help you push and pull. Losing my parents within 7 months of each other has been heartbreaking so to keep their push and pull in my life and business I think of my mother as the moon.

Looking at the moon gives me time to reflect on the day and plan strategically for the next. My mom’s peace comes to me every night while my father is my sun.


His light and push start my day and challenge me to look at my accountability and work to grow. In the Sun everything is exposed and that means there is nothing I can hide. I need to review everything and be truthful on myself when I need a challenge.


The truth about the sun and moon is I am never without my parents this way. Their lessons and love are with me every morning and night.