A brand equals respect. Do you respect your company’s brand?

Do you make decisions based on what is best for your company?   

Successful businesses are strategic in protecting their brand through advertising.  The rush and pressure, have made many new business owners and new employees, buy the wrong placement and the wrong type of media, in an effort to save money.

The best advertising tells a story and is part of a larger campaign.  Your product, service and resource deserve to be promoted in a way that resonates as an art and a science.  Ads that have amazing artistic quality only work, when married with the science (the story), of why a consumer/client must act on a purchase today!  Flash push ads ruled the day, until the educated consumer, pushed the research they found and came to retailers, companies and businesses armed with knowledge. Your product, service or resource must be married to a campaign that promotes the problem, then engages your target market in the solution to solve it!  Do you support the campaign of your company through your words and actions?

Are you a team player?  The teamwork problem, once solved, leads to internal marketing; which is the key to growing strategic marketing.  When someone does not put the best interest of the team ahead of their own interests do you implement team charters?   Team charters are built on vision, actions, behaviors, deadlines and consequences if goals are not met.  Without a team charter you have no GPS for your team!

Do you make decisions based on the mission of your company?   
As a team ask this question, In one year from today if we had success what would that look like?  Does that vision match the company mission?

A brand is a trust, it is a promise and respect is given when it is earned. When the brand is compromised and trust is lost revenues fall.  Ask yourself, does my company brand and my personal brand work well together?  Today consider learning more about your personal brand and your company brand to increase your return on investment and value to your company.