Do you know the truth in your life? The shadow you carry that prevents you from unlocking your potential?

Katherine Miracle, author, entrepreneur and college professor, works with students, clients and audience members who have skill and talent but often hold themselves back from success due to the shadows they carry.  Katherine is available for interviews based on her recently published book, “Discovering Your Dawn.”   A book signing at Holiday Inn Rockside will be held at 1pm on December 2nd.  There will be opportunity to purchase a copy of the book at this event.

Based on a true story, Miracle’s personal narrative reflects upon a tragedy the happened  while she attended The University of Akron. “Discovering Your Dawn” unveils the mistakes Miracle made during an unparalleled tragedy and reflects upon her own suffering in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis.  Katherine speaks on college campuses on “The truth about Leadership and Love, this motivational and inspirational seminar that Katherine describes as her “purpose,” tells of the loss of close friends, tumultuous relationships, and how such jarring tales impacted her educational experience. Miracle relives the harsh reality of her past presented in “Discovering Your Dawn” in hopes no one else can succumb to a similar tragic fate.

William Denihan, CEO of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Cuyahoga County, had this to say about Miracle’s story- “Your story is a compelling story of true love and your special strength. You have a gift that not only shares your hope, but also draws from those of us who only dream of making our goal to help others.”

The book signing is sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  “We have been blessed to belong to The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) because Katherine was trained by AFP to become a fundraising leader. Katherine built deep friendships with fellow AFP members and they learned to depend on each other.  During good and bad times, Katherine has the support of her AFP members and was pleased to be asked to speak Thursday, December 2, 2010 as the Keynote for the AFP Annual meeting. AFP also requested a book signing.  The book signing will be held at Holiday Inn Rockside at 1pm  The greatest blessing is to be recognized by the experts in my field and to have my book showcased”  Miracle Resources and Katherine Miracle

Katherine Miracle is the Founder & Owner of Miracle Resources. Miracle Resources is a consulting, training and educational resource for businesses and non-profits. Miracle Resources consultants are experts in marketing, advertising/branding, public relations and revenue development. Miracle Resources has served clients including the Cleveland Clinic, Northwest Mutual, The American Red Cross and Dunkin Donuts. The consultants of Miracle Resources use their creativity and contacts to increase awareness and revenue for clients. Miracle twists her professional and communication skills in her speaking to relate to audiences and promote the message that you can discover your dawn, no matter what your age.