Do you implement action or just post a prepared statement? 

Without action you will watch the Destruction of your Team, Brand and Revenue

Statements are easy to post but if you want real change keep reading. 

A company faced lawsuits, harassment charges, inappropriate behavior, racial bias and high turnover. The anger of the employees was shared among co-workers. As productivity and revenue decreased the external and internal cultures of this company were in conflict.  

Looking at the company website and social media posts you would see all of the statements crafted to make them look perfect to customers. The posts even included the company stand on respect of employees during Covid and recent social justice statements.

The reality of their workplace was a cesspool of disrespect, emotional abuse, demeaning communication and leadership was unaware.  

You say, “Katherine, how could they be unaware?”  

Leaders and their entire team did not experience the same team training in a live or virtual setting. Everyone took online training individually and had to pass certain questions. Only when a trainer/facilitator asked the entire team to engage in training and all participants were asked to submit comments, questions and ideas prior to the training did the team benefit from training. The live discussion and the ideas that came out of the training created committees, action steps and team building. The interactive and fun training continued on a monthly basis and the team and culture transformed. 

As we look at this company crisis situation, are you saying it could never happen to your company?  

Today’s workplace is filled with disagreement and if you expect people to leave it at the door, crisis will happen. 

Are you implementing the following to survive?

  • Seeking help from an outside source for continuous learning to build culture.
  • Offering team experiences (virtual if needed) so the team can learn and appreciate each other. 
  • Making training on unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, respectful communication and diversity a priority in 2020 and beyond.  
  • Working on a team charter with a trainer/facilitator to engage all team members in creating a culture of success and respect.  

Miracle Resources has a team of trainers who cover every state so we can find the perfect person for your training.  

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If you are inquisitive, keep reading! 

Katherine Miracle has dedicated her life’s work to helping people and teams use branding and communication to build strong brands & teams that increase revenue.

Award winning speaker & marketer, Katherine Miracle, has traveled the country speaking and training over 100,000 professionals.

Katherine is the CEO and the founder of Miracle Resources home to three brands:

MR a Marketing and Public Relations Firm 

Katherine and her team have created over 100 campaigns that have increased revenue for clients. Miracle Resources has helped fortune 500 companies, start up’s, colleges and hospitals. Katherine & Miracle Resources are winners of the Distinguished Marketing Sales Awards from both the Cleveland & Akron organizations.

Miracle Resources is nationally recognized for their program that increases revenue and awareness, the program is called:

Brand +Team=Revenue
This national training program uses certified trainers that cover every state to serve every team in America and has trained over 100,000 professionals. The training is designed to build and equip inquisitive people. 

Communication Concierge 
Katherine has given over 1,000 speeches including Keynotes and Commencement speeches, Her life’s work is to help people and teams use communication and branding to build strong teams that increase revenue. She coaches people to find their voice and organize a powerful presentation. Katherine has helped CEO’s, celebrities, people with severe anxiety and speech impediments. Katherine provides a confidential setting and is a member of the communication faculty at The University of Akron and Kent State University. Katherine is a professional speaker who speaks nationally doing keynotes, trainings and commencement speeches. She was voted Best Speaker/Facilitator for CBC Magazine. Katherine also has served as a spokeswoman for several brands. 

Katherine is the author of four books. The first, “Discovering Your Dawn,” uses Katherine’s own life experience to create a highly-relatable narrative that motivates readers to overcome their difficulties in order to achieve their true potential. Katherine speaks on this book in her presentation to colleges called “Results, Relationships and Respect.”  

Her second book, “Marketing That Drives Revenue,” helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders increase revenue. 

Katherine’s third book, “Your Strategic Personal Brand…The Truth and the Lies,” gives readers the tools to use their own Strategic Personal Branding to find their passion and purpose. This book is used in Brand+Team=Revenue national training program, as well as at several career colleges. 

Katherine’s fourth book “Inquisitive Culture,” is the secret weapon to survive and change the workplace from a toxic environment to a culture of success and respect.  

Please connect with her via [email protected]