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The real reason an employee put your company at risk…

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Unconscious Bias

Since 2006, Miracle Resources has delivered keynotes, training, and workshops on this

hot topic. Our training educates your team on what is unconscious bias and how you

can stop bias from putting your brand, team, and revenue at risk.

Learning Objectives: 

Understanding and Preventing:  

Halo vs. Horn– The bias that a person will always succeed and produce great ideas vs. the bias that a person will always fail.

Affinity bias: Building relationships with people who are like yourself.

Perception bias: stereotyping certain groups of people and making assumptions

leading to not being objective about certain groups.

Confirmation bias: choosing information that confirms assumptions or pre-existing


Evaluation and Prevention of: 

Groupthink: This bias occurs when people try too hard to fit into a particular

group by mimicking others or holding back thoughts and opinions.

When this happens it causes team members to lose their identities and unique talent. This

causes organizations to lose out on creativity and innovation.

This team workshop will help the team create a strategy that engages appreciative inquiry,

customer service, and best practices to provide training that protects your brand, team, and revenue.

What training do you have planned for your team? 

Is the training customized to meet your needs?

If everyone on the team is not in the training how

will the knowledge be transferred? 

Your solution 

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Katherine Miracle has dedicated her life’s work is helping people and teams use branding and communication to build strong brands & teams that increase revenue. Katherine Miracle, MBA is the CEO and Founder of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness.

Katherine is the founder of Brand+ Team =Revenue a national program with 53 trainers that cover America to build brands, team, and revenue through interactive training and unique team building experiences!  The national program has 28 workshops and engages teams through interactive sessions that get to the core of the real problem the team faces and engages the team in a fun team building experience that often benefits a charity or cause. 

Katherine is an author and national speaker/trainer who has helped over 100 companies and 5000 professionals. Katherine and her team have helped fortune 50 companies, start up’s, colleges and hospitals. 

As a college instructor at The University of Akron & Kent State University Katherine helps students build their brand through communication and she can often be found traveling to college campuses speaking on “Results, Relationships & Respect” 

 This workshop for college students focuses on Katherine’s book “Discovering Your Dawn” which is based on a real story of a tragedy that turned to a tribute and helps people overcome the obstacles they face and unlock their potential.  

Katherine is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand” Please connect with her via email or Twitter.