Dear Meeting Planners,

You work hard and you deserve a speaker who will entertain, motivate, educate and engage your audience!

  • Katherine is a marketing and motivational speaker who provides new ideas, resources and fun for your event.
  • As a motivational speaker, Katherine helps people unlock their potential and challenges your event attendees to be exceptional.
  • As a marketing speaker, Katherine challenges business owners, franchises and non profits to stop marketing and start motivating. Katherine shares her experience in corporate marketing to start up business marketing. The ideas and take aways help businesses, individuals and non profits to increase awareness and revenue.

What audience members are saying:

“Katherine is an amazing speaker who truly cares about her audience. The ideas, energy and interaction she provides captivate the audience. “
Nicole R. Ward
The Cleveland Clinic
South Pointe Hospital

If you are looking for a speaker who provides value, entertainment and motivation hire Katherine Miracle. Our employees are using her ideas and still talk about how she inspired them to be exceptional!

Mary Brown, US Bank 

“I recently attended a job seeker workshop where Katherine was a featured speaker. Her energetic, personable delivery made Katherine easy to follow. She gave real world examples of challenges and creative solutions. After listening to Katherine’s presentation, I walked away with a renewed sense of courage about my job search. Katherine is a savvy marketing professional who truly wants to help you in your search for a new career opportunity. I highly recommend attending any seminar or event where Katherine is presenting.”

Christy Harst-Rodriguez, NLCS

“During my job hunt, I had the opportunity to have my resume featured on a CNN segment. Katherine helped me make the absolute most of my four minutes of fame. She made herself available to me whenever I needed help and provided a fantastic personal branding strategy. Without her help, I would not have been able to maximize the value of this opportunity. Her help has also extended beyond me. I have started sharing her strategies with my friends, fellow job seekers and networking contacts. If you need an outstanding speaker with a dynamic personality and a great marketer, you need to give Katherine a call.”

Robert Paczula

Four words come to mind when thinking about Katherine: energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and strength. Working with Katherine is intense, creative, and fun. She’s an accomplished public speaker with messages that deliver meaning. Experience the energy!!”

David Akers , President, Celeritas Limited

“Katherine is an amazing woman. Professionally, her knowledge, network and ingenuity are beyond comparison. She is positive, proactive and gets the job done. In regards to energy, she can give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. Personally, she is a great mentor and always willing to lend a word of encouragement, objective advice or connect you with someone else who can help. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire her company for PR, advertising or fundraising.”

Crystal Thies

Life was not always a bowl of cherries for her and she too has conquered personal demons to become what I consider to be NEO’s Positive Attitude Secret Weapon”

Susie Sharp, Moriand Architects

Katherine spoke at our luncheon about how to make raving fans of their customers.  Talk about teaching by example!  Not only was Katherine a great speaker (cranked up a notch), but she provided something so important for the attendees – specific take-aways that could be used this very same afternoon.  I would highly recommend Katherine as a speaker, coach, mentor, marketer and friend!

Doug JohnsonCCEO-AP
Executive Director
Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce