Follow up Plan of Action using Smart Goal: (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)

Consider how you will follow up with customers without burdening them with too many messages.

How do you plan to find out how customers like to communicate?

  • E-Mail
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Social Media
  • High Touch meeting or seminar
  • Free gift
  • Hand written letters

Example: Smart Goal-

  • I will send a hand written thank you note within 24 hours of a meeting.
  • I will send an e-mail follow up within 3 days of a meeting.
  • I will send a monthly   e-newsletter to all new clients.
  • I will send a video in an e-mail 2 weeks after a meeting.
  • I will drop off a DVD of recent work, one month after a meeting.

Golden Rule Selling describes treating a customer the way you would like to be treated; however, the author of this book asks you to be exceptional.

Exceptional:  not common; rare; exceeds expectations; above and beyond the norm.  When I read the definition I thought of someone who fits these words perfectly. My exceptional client is compassionate, smart, and loyal.  Everyone who meets him cannot help but want to be around him.  In business he is positive, credible, will go above and beyond to help his customers and protect his fellow co-workers.  My client built his business from nothing.  Everyone respects and admires his character, class and confidence.  The definition of exceptional describes his work and personal life, which he built on faith and integrity.

The best example is the Hope Diamond.  When I saw it, it took my breath away.  No other diamond will ever compare.  In marketing and sales, our job is to wow our clients and customers.  As a job seeker, our goal is to stand above the competition.  How do you wow your customers?  How do you exceed expectations?  As a marketing keynote speaker, I provide tools and resources to help people build their brand and wow their clients/employers.  The use of mentors, relationship building, coaching, faith and education are cited by great leaders as ways to help you grow.  I encourage you to look at the people in your life who made a difference and helped you grow.  Often we are told to look to Jack Welch, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump for lessons in leadership and personal branding.  There are great lessons from these men, but think back to your past for a moment.  What about a teacher, uncle, first boss or coach who helped you and challenged you to grow.  These are people who took the time to invest in you, by challenging you.  An acquaintance once told me that a professor he admired wrote on his paper, “You have a great mind, use it.”  My acquaintance carried that quote with him for years and it challenged him to give his best.

As you begin your day, take a moment and consider the words that challenge you.  Learn from the people around you who are exceptional.  The goal may be to increase revenue, but that will come easily, if your priority is to wow your client/customer, by going above and beyond expectations.  When I created my company, I set a policy that our staff, including me, will always ask clients at the end of every meeting, “Did we meet your expectations?”  We not only find out if clients expect more, but we find that clients are impressed that we want to go above and beyond what is expected.

Today, give your all in your unique way.  Take the risk to put yourself second and your clients first.

Making Marketing work for you!

“We can learn from advertising techniques to inspire and motivate us”  Katherine Miracle, Marketing Speaker

Each year I select a campaign slogan for the upcoming year.  I base my selection on what I need to accomplish and my current situation.

Year Campaign Slogan Why I chose it
2013 Thank you Tour celebrate 10 years in business
2012 Triumph over Rejection stay positive over rejection
2011 Face your fears traveling, trying new things
2010 Whatever it takes! products I must push as I never have before
2009 Radical Forgiveness Tour needed to rebuild relationships
2008 Don’t Stop Believing I needed the inspiration because I started my MBA, needed to find a publisher
1987 I’ve got to use my imagination “I needed to make the best of a bad situation.  I needed to use my imagination”

Exercise:  Ask each team member to create a personal advertising campaign…this will help you create internal marketing as a team. After this exercise, discuss as a team.  This builds engagement and shows the purpose of advertising, telling a story.


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