Stop Marketing….Start Motivating…. your clients and customers are being hit with so many messages from your competition that they are wondering which choice is best for them.  Your clients and customers will only become a raving fan of your product or service if you motivate them to buy your product.  I know your thinking,  Katherine owns Miracle Resources, a marketing firm!  How can she say I should motivate and not market to my clients and customers?   Great question and my answer is go above and beyond to help your clients/customers by giving them a reason to buy!  You must motivate them to see your product as a need not a want.  Think of your favorite restaurant, great service, great food and the atmosphere you feel comfortable dining and bringing guests.  If that experience is less than perfect you may give them another chance but if you have two bad experiences are you recommending the restaurant?  Probably not!  The restaurant owner like any business owner must motivate customers to not only share their feelings about the product and to ensure the patron comes back to buy more product.  When this is done incorrectly the server pushes completing a survey by calling a 1-800 number for a discount, when done correctly a coupon for the next visit is given at the moment the survey is completed.  As a marketing speaker I focus on a diamond four point strategy to market your product or service.  The motivational speaker in me shows the four point structure as motivation as the top point,  resources as the right point, goals as the bottom point and actions as the left point.   Here is how it works  your goal of engaging customers is only ensured when actions to make it easy to collect feedback are in place.  The resources for customers are the discount coupon given on site when the dining experience is fresh in the patrons mind.  The motivation is the ask of the server show the patron that the restaurant values the feedback of the patron.  The four point diamond strategy only works when the genuine desire(motivation) to secure feedback is provided by the server. The goal can only be achieved by actions and resources.  As a corporate motivational speaker I work with corporations on the truth that my industry, marketing has bombarded the consumer with meaningless messages and now individuals on constant contact and facebook push their product so much relationships are lost. How sad, the key to marketing is relationships  and without motivation marketing does not work! 

What has marketing done for the Christmas season?  I want your comments and I will share that my wish for you this Christmas is that you do not let the marketing of products ruin your holiday.  Start new traditions, talk with your family, buy products from companies that motivate you not bombard you with messages and think about what this holiday means to you, enjoy your friends and take a moment to thank those who have helped you this year!