What message are you really sending?

Stop Marketing…Start Asking

“Your secret system to helping your customers/clients fall in love with your product/service.”

Stop Marketing….Start Asking! Your clients/customers are being hit with so many messages from your competition that they are wondering which choice is best for them.  Your clients/customers will only become a raving fan of your product or service, if you motivate them to understand why they need or want your product.  You must motivate them to see your product as a need, not a want. True engagement is build on asking and seeking feedback.

Brand Ambassadors can connect to potential customers to secure the feedback you need. Brand Ambassadors work to secure feedback and promote your product/service on line, in person and they truly are every employee the client/ customer meets. Everyone on your team is a brand ambassador.

Do you have members of your team who do not reflect the brand?   If you answered yes, have all employees had brand ambassador training?

Do all of your employees have the simple formula to introduce themselves using Purpose, Passion and Proof? Example:

As a graphic designer (Purpose) I specialize in designing ads that inspire and motivate (Passion) I am currently working on our ad campaign for 2016. (Proof)

With a Purpose, Passion and Proof introduction customers and clients are clear on how employees support the brand. Our communication reflects the brand and we only get one chance to make a positive first impression.

Example: Brand Ambassadors & Customer Service: Think of your favorite restaurant; great service, great food and the atmosphere where you feel comfortable dining and bringing guests.  If that experience is less than perfect, you may give them another chance; but if you have two bad experiences, are you recommending the restaurant?  Probably not!  The restaurant owner, like any business owner, must motivate customers to not only share their feelings about the product, but also to ensure the patron comes back to buy more product.  Focus on a four-point strategy to market your product or service.


Here is how it works. Your goal of engaging customers is only ensured, when actions to make it easy to collect feedback, are in place.  The reward for the customers is the discount coupon given on site, when the dining experience is fresh in the patron’s mind.  The motivation is “the ask” of the server to show the patron that the restaurant values the feedback of the patron.  The four-point strategy only works when the genuine desire (motivation) to secure feedback is provided by the server. The goal can only be achieved by actions and resources.

The elephant in the room is when we do not address the truth of the problems of our product/ service. As marketers we must address the truth of our problems and stop push marketing!  Marketing, has bombarded the consumer with meaningless messages and individuals on Constant Contact and Facebook push their product so much, that relationships are lost. How sad; the key to marketing is relationships and without motivation, marketing does not work!

Katherine Miracle is the president of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand” Please connect with via email or Twitter.