Changing a Culture

Imagine America as a land full of people who were truly themselves. Not trying to impress others but just respecting each other. If we stop judging and started respecting each other everyone would feel accepted. We judge brands and people. What we need to accept differences and value humans.

Our Americas’ Respect Revolution team spoke at a school and met a sweet girl who shared this story:

My Dad left us and we had no money, my mom got food from the church but since there were 4 kids and mom we did not have much. I went from being a popular cheerleader with the latest fashions to wearing clothes from shelters. One day I sat down at lunch with my friends and everyone got up and left the table. I asked my best friend why no one would talk to me; she said, “You don’t wear Abercrombie”

What have we become as a society? Are brands, celebrities, consumerism and selfies who we are?

Our lives have become showing our activities, food and great life on line that stops us from enjoying moments because we are so busy documenting them. Also have you ever talked to someone whose life looks great on line but in reality they are hurting.

The “I have the info first culture” shows us posting information before we think it over, example the boy who told the world on You Tube about the “Dead Girl” at the Steubenville, Ohio Party. In the video he shares details about the Rape. When we push to have information first and strive to be funny, sarcastic and mean we choose that brand and the consequences that go with it!

Respect of self and Respect of others is hard to do and requires self-control and strategy. In America we hear be different but the real answer is be yourself and share your passion and purpose.

When you share with the world your words (not what is screaming for attention but rather your true thoughts) you will have followers who are interested and people who are not interested. Those who are not interested deserve respect but the endless pursuit of numbers on followers, hits, likes is not the same as engaged relationships. This is the difference between people and products, yes both have brands but the numbers are the real difference. A product needs numbers to drive revenue, a person needs to know himself or herself and determine their own success. That is why you see people with thousands of friends on social media but no one to have an honest conversation with. If you strive for someone else’s definition of success you may achieve it and wonder why you are still not happy.

If Americans truly showed respect and worked at it every day would we have road rage, bullying and cyber bullying?   Only if we examine are own actions can we change this culture.

What would America be if we reached out to people and created moments of respect?   Moments of respect are simple: They are really listening or looking at someone then reaching out to someone.

Example: After having blood work I was sitting at a restaurant and I must have looked depressed (I was going through a horrible time and was sure no one cared, I felt old and ugly) a gentleman must have seen my sad face and wrapped wrist from blood work. He came over and sad to me, “You are stunning “ I said thank you and went to the bathroom and cried. I realized I had no self worth and I needed to respect myself and turn to God for help while working hard to change my personal brand and how I perceived myself.

I understand some would think the man who said that to me was creepy or hitting on me but in that moment his words showed me the respect he had for me that I did not have for myself.   My personal brand process was not revealed to me at the time in my life but the sadness, lack of self worth led me to search for a way to help myself and help others respect themselves and respect others.

Personal branding is not pushing yourself on the world


…Sharing your message with the world is personal branding.


Katherine Miracle is President of Miracle Resources, an award winning full service marketing & training firm that helps clients increase revenue & awareness. Katherine is personal branding expert and the author of “Discovering Your Dawn” and “Ignite Your Revolution” using personal branding to find your passion and purpose. As a thought leader in Marketing, Katherine was commissioned to write the book “Marketing that Drives Revenue” the book is used by colleges and business owners. Katherine is a college instructor who teaches Marketing, Public Speaking & Advertising and is an award winning Marketing & Motivational Speaker.


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