Dear Readers,

     Thank you for your support!  This past week I was blessed to speak April 29th on the power of positive attitude and discovering your dawn at a book signing in North Olmsted.  

 On April 27th I was interviewed by WDOK 102.1 fm, Cleveland about my book Discovering Your Dawn.  My mentor Terry Moir, helped me through this interview and I am so grateful to her.  The questions surrounded the time in my life when my friends were murdered and this was very difficult.  My focus today is to help people unlock their potential and not make the mistakes I made after I learned about my friends deaths.  My speaking on leadership and positive attitude have helped people unlock their potential and I share the tough times in my life to help people see that we all carry some kind of guilt or shadow that prevents us from success.

During the interview Trapper Jack asked me if anyone had judged me harshly because I was supposed to be with my friends the night they were murdered.  I explained that I was judged and treated unfairly by a few people.  After the WDOK  interview I thought about one person who said something that challenged me and I hope it challenges you.  The challenge statement was in response to me saying, It will be impossible to  ever be happy again.  I said this at a funeral and this wise person said, you have to fight for your happiness and remember “Impossible is an excuse for not trying” 

You can listen to the interview at   search Katherine Miracle

I wish you all the best today and challenge you to see that nothing is impossible!