Listen to your team members and implement these quick tips to increase revenue:

Make your team members anniversary truly special: by asking what they want to do and receive for their service: In the picture you see Sarah at her 1 year anniversary, she wanted an IPOD and she wanted to shop together to find the perfect IPOD. Listening to her gave our company the opportunity to show her how much she means to Miracle Resources.

Ask the question that should be asked each year of service: If I had a champagne party for you in one year from today what would we celebrate? When your team member answers, you learn what they want to contribute to the team!

Let your team members grow: Give them a goal and ask them to stretch. 24 hours after Sarah and I talked about her success in one year, we set some goals and she scored the biggest alliance for one of the brands Miracle Resources manages. Before our meeting she saw her success as a graphic designer, now she see that in addition to her exceptional design work she can stretch and succeed in business development.

Let them become the motivational speaker: Yes, everyone needs to find their motivation! As a marketing & motivational speaker I bring ideas, techniques and stories to help, but each team member needs to find what motivates them. At Miracle Resources each team member has a different motivation. As a leader I need to listen to help them find that motivation so they can motivate themselves.

Let your team grow and protect your brand: Every team member should be included in the discussion of, what is our company culture? What is our promise to our clients and customers? What does our brand reflect?

The best of internal marketing is building your team and growing revenue so begin with these simple tips to grow your brand!

Sarah 1 year anniversary

Listen to your team members and increase revenue!