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Does this sound like your workplace?

  Everyone is sooooo busy!  You hear this all the time, and it is frustrating when a new project or an idea is given but all you hear is, “We are too busy.” As time passes, you see that the same people who complain and tell you how busy they are are actually killing the brand and the team. So you ask yourself, “How do they keep their job?” Great question! If you have been in this situation, you will se ...

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How you introduce yourself in a professional situation helps you communicate your brand and helps people engage with you

If you are asked to introduce yourself in front of others or in a one-on-one conversation, remember the three P’s. For example, let’s pretend you are at an event and someone asks, “So, tell us about yourself?” Purpose — What you do, your title or what jobs you are seeking Passion — What you love about that work Proof — A quick story that proves you are good at what you do (builds credibility) Example: “I am ...

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How to fix a dysfunctional team and elevate your company brand

  Why do  team members cause you problems and kill your company brand? The answers are found in this simple story:   In high school I attended a leadership retreat that changed my life. But when I returned from the retreat I was forced to use what I learned. I was asked to babysit for a family that could not keep a babysitter but they paid very well and I needed money for college so I figured I wo ...

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Three Tips to Create a Strategic Personal Brand

In our society the endless pushes and self-promotion can kill brands. So we need to create a strategic personal brand. The truth is a brand is a trust and a promise. What you say, post, tweet, and take action on determines your message to the world. There are three ways to ensure you create a strategic personal brand. These steps will be your guide to attracting the customers/clients you want, the relations ...

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5 ways your team is killing your brand & how to solve it!

5 ways your team is killing your brand & how to solve it! The same people who think they are protecting the brand are killing it! Let’s learn from some examples: Your team refreshes the brand without stakeholder input: Learn from Coca Cola when customers were outraged by a brand/product change. Closer to home, a local university whose has changed leadership, in part because of a new brand campaign. In l ...

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Why your customer stopped loving your brand!

Why your customer stopped loving your brand   The truth about love is… it takes work! So let me ask you a tough question. Why do your customers say no to your brand? Not sure? Well sadly most brands are created to solve a problem but lose their way when they stop working and here are the ways they stop working:   Your customers do not feel significant to your brand. Example: A customer has purchas ...

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Creating a Company Culture….worthy of marketing!

  Did I really just write that! I am a marketer and sadly in our industry we are expected to market and make money off any product. Yes, my name is Miracle but my fellow marketers and I agree that to make Miracles Happen we need to step in when a corporate culture kills the brand of the company. As marketers we must take on the role of problem solver to fix the brand. You will see many CMO’s engage wit ...

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