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3 Ways to Stop Verbal Abusers and Bullies Who Kill your Brand, Team Revenue

If you believe you do not have verbal abusers or bullies in your workplace, TAKE THIS TEST  As you read each scenario consider how your workplace could be at risk of a lawsuit if you do not provide training.   Scenario A: Verbal Abuse Kills Teamwork   Team members pose for a picture and team member L says, “Wow, we are standing in size order”  Seems innocent unless you are the biggest person in the picture ...

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Who are the Push and Pull that guide you and coach you?

Who are the Push and Pull that guide you and coach you?   We all need someone who is the push to get you moving and to look at your faults and establish accountability.   We all need someone who is the pull; they pull you in and slow things down so you can be strategic yet they provide peace in the tough stuff of life.   Without these people your business, brand, team and revenue are at risk. ...

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Leaders, know the truth behind what could kill your brand,team and revenue

Leaders do you know what kills brands, teams and revenue?   The real reason brands find themselves in crisis: best/loyal team members just left!   This is the letter a leader will never get but if they did they would know exactly why their best team member left.   Dear Boss,            When you told me that I needed to select better timing to bring up and idea that made me want to speak up and exp ...

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The Power of Brand Ambassadors & Gifts to Increase Awareness and Revenue

The power of Flo of Progressive, the Geico Gecko and actors who take on a spokesperson role bring power to a brand.  The advantage of customers falling in love with or being entertained by the character (AFLAC Duck, the Pillsbury Dough Boy or Hello Kitty) is brand equity. The key to a strong mascot, spokesperson or brand ambassador is that fans of your brand must be able to engage, be entertained and be ope ...

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Cost is Key🔑, Right?

Cost is Key, Right? When it comes to making choices on how to spend your company dollars, the first thing we ask is, “What does it cost?” So, let me ask you, every time you find your team or your company challenged with disagreements, grievances, disruptions, and broken down communication, what is that costing you? To figure it out, take the number of problems, grievances or disruptions you experience in a ...

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Don’t kill your brand with your 2015 training program

Do not kill your brand with your 2015 training program     If you answer yes to the any of the following, you put your company brand at risk and can decrease productivity. Make the corrections now and ensure that your 2015 training programs support your marketing and company brand.   Your training in 2015 is all online and not interactive: You run a great risk, your employees will become bored and surv ...

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4 Quick Tips to Increase Your Revenue While Increasing Your Employer’s Revenue

4 Quick Tips to Increase Your Revenue While Increasing Your Employer’s Revenue Ever wonder why all those great ideas never get implemented? Want your company to succeed in 2014 and get a raise? Wish everyone could work as a team? The 4 quick tips below will help you grow while you grow your company: Get the core of real problems in your workplace to prevent risk.  Team Charters uncover problems and teams wo ...

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