Unable to speak to “Best Speaker  CBC Magazine  CCA Awards ”

The story Katherine Miracle never wanted to tell

Someone’s past can be a shadow to their success. Katherine Miracle tried to hide her illness in junior high but as her eyelid began to droop, her speech became slurred and at moments she could not speak or even breathe well she could not hide anymore. 

Why hide an illness? In junior high if you see double and you slur words you are accused of taking drugs and for Katherine the gossip and rumors hurt her and her family.  Katherine’s parents Betty and Gene Robinson never accused their daughter; instead they took her to every doctor until the diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis (MG) was found. 

Katherine had surgery and took medicine until 1988 when she met her Miracle, her husband Craig Miracle. As an adult Katherine remembers what is was like to be considered the sick kid and to not want people to ask about the scar on her chest.  Katherine wrote a book called “Discovering Your Dawn’ to help college students and she finally shared part of her story but never spoke about it. 

On Wednesday, February 23rd, Katherine was awarded Best Speaker by CBC Magazine.  A great honor for a person who at one time could barely speak and who was not expected to have the quality of life to be a  Corporate Motivational Speaker who travels the United States.  

Best Speaker/Meeting Facilitator   www.cbcmagazine.com

Katherine Miracle - Miracle Resources

Katherine Miracle
Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, an Akron-based consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. Miracle Resources specializes in the areas of marketing, public relations, advertising, and revenue development. The company creates seminars that help audience members increase awareness and revenue. Miracle is a  Keynote Speaker, University Guest Speaker, Marketing Keynote Speaker and  Corporate Motivational Speaker who teaches  Exceptional Teamwork,  Increasing your Passion and Productivity, she speaks across the United States for corporations and universities, and her client list includes Cleveland Clinic, Westfield Group, US Bank, Delta, and 50 businesses and 20 nonprofits. She and her consultants at Miracle Resources have raised more than 28 million for 10 nonprofits, secured $4 million in free publicity for corporations and non-profits, and created advertising/marketing campaigns that have increased revenue for more than 50 businesses. For more info: katherinemiracle.com or www.miracleresources.com

Thanks to all who voted for me and for those who attended I did plan to share this when I accepted but my parents are ill and I wanted them to be there when I shared this. For those of you who work with me please remember I am MG free I do not have double vision anymore so if I offer to drive do not be afraid !!! 

It is god’s blessing that we can laugh together about this because MG can be fatal and I am blessed with health because my parents made the decision for me to have the surgery.  I hope to speak at MG conference one day so people can see the surgery works and that they can become anything they dream of becoming. I am proof !!!