Everyday you see people who struggle, just move through the day in survivor’s mode and react to situations rather than respond and learn from every opportunity.  In the workplace, this results in decreased revenue and productivity.  In our personal lives if we never see that we carry a shadow (our real problem) that shadow will destroy all hope for success.

As a  Corporate Motivational Speaker I meet people who tell me that they are unhappy, depressed and cannot move forward. These people ask me what is wrong and what is missing.  I share that for me I knew something was not right but I buried it until my MBA professor asked us to tell our shadow and that if we did not address it we would never be successful. As each person shared their story (some were CEO’s, VP’s and all were fighting back tears) each person opened up and was honest. Yours truly, Katherine Miracle the same person clients call the one. That is the one who provides them expert marketing strategy and helps them with leadership issues, got very quiet in the class and her wake up call was that the instructor never called on me. Why, because she could see in my face the pain that I needed to overcome and I was not ready to share.  So I wrote a book about my shadow and now I help people address solve their real problems through motivation and marketing.  I wish I could tell you it was easy and that involved no risk but my Wake Up Call was painful, embarrassing and involved me becoming accountable.If I wanted to accomplish my goal of helping others I had to help myself. 

 Increasing your Passion and Productivity and performing  Exceptional Teamwork can only be achieved by waking up and solving the real problem. 

So many times Miracle Resources meets with a company about marketing and the real problem deals with the shadows of the leaders and employees. Step one is realizing the problem and as an inspirational speaker I work to find options that create a strategy.

Step two is finding the motivation to accomplish the goal. As a Motivational Speaker it is my job to find several motivations that will create a mindset for success.

My wake up call on weight loss has led me to lossing 39lbs and I followed the advice of my book “Discovering Your Dawn”  I needed to respect my self and motivate myself to do the work. I asked for help by finding the best personal trainer in Stu Harter and I have maintained balance by ensuring I have time to work out!  My mindset has been to live my life in a new way where food is fuel not an escape or comfort.  If I am every going to hit this goal I have to focus on it as a dominate thought.  Weight loss has been the one goal I have not met but the rest I have accomplished so why has this one been so tough? Because I did not ask for help in the past and my shadow made me feel I was not good enough.  Are you good enough?  If you do not know yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself you can never meet your goals. 

If you want success and happiness, you have to fight for it! Miracle Resources and Katherine Miracle want to help you unlock your potential.

Miracle Resources is a consulting, training and educational resource for businesses and non-profits. Miracle Resources consultants specialize in the areas of advertising/branding, public relations, marketing and revenue development. Miracle Resources consultants have served clients including the Cleveland Clinic, Northwest Mutual, The American Red Cross and Dunkin Donuts. 

When you “Discover Your Dawn” you learn your truth, it is the moment when your mistakes, guilt and regret are clear so you can learn from it and move on. Only when you “Discover Your Dawn” can you learn from your past and combine it with your passion to create your future!

Your goals to Discover your Dawn

Achieve Balance

Strive for Self Respect

Ask for Help

We are here to help you achieve your goals:

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The return on investment for “Discovering Your Dawn” 

“This book was my wake up call to realizing the real problems in my life” Brittany, Ashland, OH

 “I could not put your book down because I could see myself through your words” Ryan, Akron, OH

“I suffered an attack 10 years ago and told no one until I read this book. I have been angry and let this shadow ruin my life. Discovering Your Dawn helped me see I must get help and become stronger” Marissa, Cincinnati, OH


“As a Vietnam Veteran, I have survivor’s guilt and your book kicked my butt because it showed me my friends would not want me to life the way I am living. I need to use your journey journal and ask for forgiveness” Frank, Cleveland, OH


“Your book was what I needed to read as a college student because I just went through a break up and your book helped me see I need to ask for help ,respect myself, keep my balance and not overload” Scott, Oakland, CA


“I gave your book to a friend who seemed sad. After he read the book, he came to me and told me everything. My friend had been considering suicide and told me that reading your book helped him see that he will be okay if he gets help. I told him that when I read the book I learned that if you isolate yourself you hurt yourself and others” Ray, Brisbane, Australia


“The relationships in your book show me what I need to learn from my past relationships. Reading your book inspired me and I want to live my life as Dawn did. I want to be bold, help others and stand up for myself and my friends” Katie, Virginia Beach, VA


“Discovering Your Dawn makes me want to be a better person. Your words helped me realize I need to know myself, respect myself and believe in myself  before I become involved in another relationship” Jared, Wellington, New Zealand


“Indeed, this is truly exciting work and evidence of your dedication and enthusiasm for our students and for your field. Engaging our students is an extremely important aspect of what our professors do daily. Thank you for understanding this and challenging our students to achieve excellence.  We at The University of Akron are proud to claim you as one of our own” Luis M. Proenza, President, The University of Akron


Discovering Your Dawn proceeds benefit:

The University of Akron Foundation

The Virginia Marti College of Art and Design Foundation

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Foundation