Thank you to all of our clients, staff, trainers, supporters, vendors, readers and audience members. Now that were 16 and it’s official, we can drive! We have our first company car and our fourth book will be released at the end of the year.

Reflections of 16 years include:

Celebrating 16 years in business and surviving the economic crisis of 2007/2008.

Celebrating building over 100 brands that have increased revenue for our clients.

Crying through every fight to win our Miracle Resources trademark.

Celebrating training over 100,000 professionals.

Learning from our mistakes and building three incredible brands under the Miracle Resources umbrella.

Traveling across the country to speak to over 1000 audiences. 

Discovering the miracle of transformation in our clients who told us they would have a panic attack if they had to speak. Thankful they trusted us and used our system and now are being paid to speak.

Celebrating trainers across the country that teach the content we created in our Brand+Team = Revenue national training program. Together we have helped create a revolution of listeners who challenge and protect themselves and the people they love.

Losing sleep over deadlines but celebrating success as an author and thankful for our readers.

Thankful for everyone who believed in us and shared our content from our social media pages.

No matter the year or the anniversary celebration, we are always here to build your brand team and revenue!