Count how many times in one day you see people not using their turn signal.  These drivers are not communicating what they plan to do.  Guess how many accidents they cause, it will be revealed at the end of this article. 

 Now ask yourself what am I communicating?  

Sadly, we cannot observe our actions as quickly as others do.  

The story of a professional who kept asking for a promotion but kept getting passed over for their dream job shows us the frustration of not communicating correctly. 

After 4 rejections the professional hired Miracle Resources for help. Katherine Miracle served as the Communication Concierge and listened to the professional.  Katherine created a 360-communication plan and Brand Plan. 

Together, Katherine and the professional created options from the plans and they selected the optimal solution of a strategy.  

The strategy showed the professionals experience and innovation for a new revenue stream the company.  

Good News: The promotion happened 6 months after the new strategy was implemented.

What do we learn from this story: 2 tips that will help you get what you want

1. Stop trying to make success happen without expert help!  

Would you cut your own hair?  You are too close to it, you need someone to see the entire situation then help you create options to an optimal solution that will be your strategy. Hire an expert with proven results!  

2.Creativity needs to be a habit! 

My father taught me to use the turn signal every time I made a turn. This meant I never forgot to use it. My habit of always using my turn signal made it easy and natural. Habits are your way to make life easier and let you accomplish more.  We can never stop applying a creative solution but some teams and individuals save creativity for the big projects. Creativity must be a habit so you can easily create solutions that work.  

PS. Did you know that over 2 million accidents are caused by not using a turn signal?    

Need a Communication Concierge, Speaker, Trainer or Keynote?  Miracle Resources has trainers who cover every state so we can find the perfect person for your event.  

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Katherine Miracle has dedicated her life’s work to helping people and teams use branding and communication to build strong brands & teams that increase revenue. She serves as a Communication Concierge for her clients. 

Katherine Miracle, MBA is the CEO and Founder of

Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness.

Katherine is the founder of Brand+ Team =Revenue a national program with trainers that cover America to build brands, team and revenue through interactive training and unique team building experiences!  

The national program has 28 workshops and engages teams through interactive sessions that get to the core of the real problem the team faces and engages the team in a fun team building experience that often benefits a charity or cause. 

Katherine is an author and national speaker/trainer who has helped over 100 companies and 15,000 professionals. Katherine and her team have helped fortune 50 companies, start up’s, colleges, the hospitality industry and hospitals. 

As a college instructor at The University of Akron & Kent State University Katherine helps students build their brand through communication and she can often be found traveling to college campuses speaking on “Results, Relationships & Respect”

 This workshop for college students focuses on Katherine’s book “Discovering Your Dawn” which is based on a real story of tragedy that turned to a tribute and helps people overcome the obstacles they face and unlock their potential.  

Katherine is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand” Please connect with her via emailor Twitter.