If you believe you do not have verbal abusers or bullies in your workplace,
 As you read each scenario consider how your workplace could be at risk of a lawsuit if you do not provide training.  

Scenario A: Verbal Abuse Kills Teamwork 
 Team members pose for a picture and team member says,
“Wow, we are standing in size order” 

Seems innocent unless you are the biggest person in the picture and you have been the subject of constant sarcasm, lack of emotional intelligence and put-downs. In this case, the comments have caused team members to avoid the team member who showed lack of respect. Lack of productivity in the team is not the only risk, lawsuits and complaints put the company at risk.

If no training has been given on Respectful Communication, Body Language and Emotional Intelligence there is no plan for creating a culture of success and respect.  

Without training team member L, who cause the problem can say,

“In this company, we always kid around and people say stuff to me all the time”   

If training had taken place there would be guidelines.

Learn from the NFL case where a senior player bullied the Rookie. The senior player who was accused of bullying told the lawyers, “That Rookie loves me, I have mentored him and we give the rookies a hard time”   

No training on communication means any words and behavior are acceptable

Scenario B: No Boundaries Kills the Brand
Team member consistently demeans and makes fun of some younger team members, senior-level team members tend to let it go.

Example Whenever the targeted team members friends come to a public company event team member brands them with a name that is unflattering.

Team member is also disrespectful to all younger staff member’s family and friends to the point that when a charity event is held if younger staff member’s family and friends bring food to help out at the event, Team member says,
“We already have enough.”

The younger staff and their friends and family quickly feel like outsiders and the company brand and culture is now in question. When leadership does nothing and blames this behavior on just one person they forget that others will learn that behavior and keep it growing. As long as the behavior, actions and words are allowed to continue some team members see this as a way to survive and to fit in.

Training on Team Charters and Respectful Communication showcase a GPS that can be a protection against lawsuits and lack of productivity.

In this scenario, we worked with a team and everyone in the company was present so we created a plan that everyone contributed to and no one was called out for past behavior, instead the team all focused on the new behaviors, words and actions that will build brand, team and revenue.  

Fun fact
: Without being called on Team member apologized to the team for the past behavior. Our training had been a parable for Team member B, without sharing who was causing problems, Team member could see their behavior and could respond when ready. This is an example of transformation.

As a college instructor I learned that no matter how many times I reminded a student to do something the only way to transform behavior is for a person to discover it in the way they need to learn it.   

Scenario C: Lack of Emotional Intelligence Kills Revenue 
Team member always complaining about a process or someone on the team. Team member could be called a know it all but is truly very insecure. Trying to be cool and fit in, Team member A, often pushes boundaries, makes fun of leadership and acts superior to others. It seems you can find a Team member in every company and most of them get away with this behavior because they may be a top performer.

Sadly, team member usually has anger and it comes out just like the put-downs come out when team member feels insecure. Emotional intelligence coaching and training has helped all of the people like team member A.  

Our Trainers usually spot these people right away because they often verbal abuse or laugh at something our trainer says or does. We have found that our interactive approach engages the entire team and team member A gets to fit in and participate in the training.
You may be wondering does a person like Team Member A really transform?
Our answer: Yes, but when Team Member A has convinced themselves they are better than the entire team our clients have hired us to do one on one coaching.

Our training is available via webinar or with a trainer
on site. We also have the option to add a team
building experience.