4 Quick Tips to Increase Your Revenue While Increasing Your Employer’s Revenue

Ever wonder why all those great ideas never get implemented?

Want your company to succeed in 2014 and get a raise?

Wish everyone could work as a team?

The 4 quick tips below will help you grow while you grow your company:

  1. Get the core of real problems in your workplace to prevent riskTeam Charters uncover problems and teams work together to solve those problems by a taking action and agreeing to set a standard of behavior and accountability. 
  2. Offer monthly training that is available during the workday and includes the entire team.   Don’t think you can find one hour per month to work as a team and train?  Think about what happens if you do not train monthly and what happens when you do not work as a team! 
  3. Personal Branding for all team members. When team members know their purpose and passion they thrive and increase the expertise of your company.  If you do not like what your co-workers post on social media invest in brand builders programs.
  4. Marketing Strategy that works and is proven to engage all target markets.   Engage in monthly team building to work as if everyone was on the marketing team.  Implement team incentives so everyone works in a team to bring in new business and engage current clients to new products. 

Make 2014 your year to increase revenue for your company and for you!  

Image source: http://careers.queensu.ca/students/resources/tipsheets.html