Unrealistic, Hubris and Ego Manic. These are the words you may hear in describing bad leaders but lets find out the truth.

  1. The leader who has unrealistic goals and high turnover. The truth is they believe they have not found the right person for the job. Because this leader buys into their vision, not a team vision, the leader always has to move on to new people.  Team vision via Team charters out performs tunnel vision every time!
  2. The Hubris leader pushes too much and is truly suffering from their own insecurity.  The truth is they were taught to believe they deserve and need the best, no matter how many people get hurt. Turnover and lawsuits in their past make you wonder why they continue to succeed.  If you look only at the numbers they win. The price of the stress, personal loss and rejection could be solved by training on Revenue Generation with the entire team.  When the team creates the goals and seeks new revenue we have an army of leaders.
  3. The Ego Maniac is not always as they appear. This leader looks like the Hero; they will do it all and never ask for help.  They love the praise of doing so much and will stress to the max trying to do it all.  The truth is they are insecure about their talent so they do not want others to help on projects.  Typically, they have poor communication skills and when a project impacts others they do not communicate because they are so focused on what they have to do, they do not think of others.  If you are on their team… communication training is needed or this leader will miss crucial steps and destroy the project.