5 Steps to Make Your Meetings Miraculous 
To ensure you make the most of each meeting, create a team charter so each member knows how to communicate, engage and innovate.   

Step One:  Before you schedule a meeting, determine if this could be handled in the email.  

Step Two:  Send pre-work that will be answered anonymously.  The anonymous answers will be compiled so the team can see areas that need improvement. The meeting time will be used for the team to create solutions.  

Step Three:  When a team member shares an idea or a suggestion, stay true to your team charter to ensure the team works to brainstorm instead of being negative about new ideas.  

 Step Four:  Plan an interactive engagement to open the meeting. Ask each team member to plan an idea and select one for each meeting.

 Step Five:  Get people engaged in the conversation with an inquisitive question. Want to know more about inquisitive questions? Send [email protected] an email to help you formulate the best questions and get your meeting engaged.

Please use these steps to save time and use your talented staff in the best possible way.

Bonus Meeting Analysis:  Record your meetings and ensure that everyone knows the meeting will be recorded. Do this for face-to-face and virtual meetings. Watch body language and really read the room. When you watch the last 10 team meetings determine who is engaging, bringing ideas and who seems to be pulling away from the team. One on one meetings can be more productive by sharing what you have observed by watching team meetings. Consider Success Coaching by Miracle Resources for your team and team training to help your team create a high performance culture.  

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