The truth is in the feedback

(These stories were gathered through research and show the reality of how organizations try to create company culture but fail)

·     Our company has yoga, foosball and we did an escape room but I do not see how we have changed. Our boss believes we now have a great company culture. The reality is that the way people treat each other and talk to each other is not teamwork. 

·     My employer scheduled a day to pick up garbage for a non-profit and if you did not want to participate you were not a “team player”

·      I worked for a company that had a camping weekend and it turned into a drunken night of team members hitting on each other. 

·     My friend’s company participates in a team building that is a physical boot camp.  My friend has a disability that people cannot see and the boot camp is horrific for her every year. 

The 3 reasons employees want their company’s culture to change:

1.    After implementing a company culture statement. Nothing really changed:  

When the team shared this concern with me I asked, “Who wrote your company culture statement?”  The answer was a firm was hired to write the statement and no members of the leadership team where invited to contribute to the statement.  Miracle Resources engages all team members to contribute to the creation of the company culture.  Our results are strong buy in to the action steps that make the culture a reality. Company culture addresses behavior and communication. When problems like communication are not addressed every employee suffers and productivity decreases. 

2.   No consistent training on the process of teamwork: 

When a new process is created it needs monthly review and revision. Example:Professional Developmentand Customer Experiencetraining need to be given with the opportunity for employees to put the resources, concepts and techniques from the training into their work with clients. If this does not happen the employees will lose what they have learned and if no accountability is required there is no motivation to improve.  

3.   The entire team is not included:  

Team members must view the same training and engage with each other on how the training will be used in the workplace. The entire team needs communication training to understand what is expected in the way the team communicates and treats each other. The culture will not change unless everyone understands how to communicate that culture.  

How do you communicate your company culture?


            A company has a family culture and shares with everyone “They are family.” The company has a daycare on site and many team members and their families spend time with each other on the weekend. A Vice-President of the company was hired and was told in the interview process the company was very much like a family.  

            Clients and co-workers constantly asked the Vice President about his dating status. The Vice President later began dating and the constant pressure for her to attend functions with him was frustrating.  As a new Vice President he wanted to focus on his new job and grow with the company before entering a serious relationship. Sadly, he felt the pressure to be a married man with kids.   

            When the Vice- President reported that he felt a lack of privacy because of the pressure to engage in all of the outside work activities and outings, it was clear the concept of company culture was misrepresented. 

How should the company culture be communicated? 

and what is the understanding of it?

Has this company had diversity training or strategic personal branding training that shares resources about understanding people by being inquisitive?

Why were assumptions made?  Did this team have a team charter or conduct trainings to understand each other’s goal and communication styles?

            Miracle Resources national training program Brand+Team=Revenue worked with this company and provided 28 programs with monthly team discussions.  The company culture has changed to reflect a diverse workforce and employees have been engaged in creating the company culture. 

            The employees favorite program was the listening workshop because the Vice President did plan on leaving the company and the employees helped him reverse that decision after he saw the major shift in how the employees listen to each other and respectfully communicate with each other.  

Today, commit to creating a culture that engages your entire team and review it, evaluate it and revise it to ensure it builds your brand, team and revenue!

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