Dear Friends,

      Thank you for reading this blog and please know you are invited as my guest to the Garfield Hts. Chamber Luncheon May 19th 

Let me know by e mailing me at [email protected] and I will get you in! I am speaking on my next book, “Stop Marketing, Start Motivating” I will be sharing marketing strategy that is proven to increase revenue and awareness.

As a motivational marketing firm, my company Miracle Resources creates the optimal solution for our clients to help customers fall in love with a product.  As a marketing keynote speaker I enjoy sharing what will help you increase awareness and revenue! 

Motivational marketing tip of the day:

Stop sending surveys!  Your customers do not feel engaged by completing surveys, connect with them by asking your top customers to join you once per year for a special luncheon in their honor. At that luncheon ask them two questions:

1.  What is the advantage of our product/service that keeps you coming back to our company?

2. Would you serve on a marketing advisory board that requires you to come to this luncheon once a year and give us feedback?

Keep it simple, make your customer feel special and use the opinions and advice your customers provide!

Stop pushing too many messages and start motivating your customers to learn more about your product/service.  Marketing with out strategy is just wasted communication and advertising dollars!