Crayola, Sony and yes even your relatives have been through it:  A hacker has sent the famous e-mail, “I have been robbed can you send money?”

Yes, it happens but what you learn from it tells you a lot about your brand.


When Crayola was hacked and nasty posts were on their Facebook page, news stations reported that they were sure it was a hack. The brand was so strong that no one even considered the company would post a nasty comment.


After a hack if you receive hundreds of people letting you know and helping you by sending the e mail you can tell that you have surrounded yourself with people who know you would not send a request and they think enough of you to call, text and e mail help to you, your brand is strong!


During a hack who supports you and how you handle the hack speaks to your brand.


What can you do today and always to prevent reputation damage: 


Work hard for clients


Be an expert in your field


Do not brag or boast, it gets old and learn from Johnny Manziel  (he who boasts the most has the least to be proud of)


Return calls, text and e mails, it shows class


Show up on time, it shows respect


Consider your posts and words as going global; if you write it or say it are you willing to face the results if it is leaked?


Build relationships by listening


Stop pushing your product and start building a campaign to help others


Understand you have free speech but if you think how what you are about to say impacts others, you may want to think over what you say to ensure it will respect you and respect others.


Look at every struggle as an opportunity for growth


When I was hacked an old friend called to help me and as we reconnected they asked about my marketing/training firm.  That conversation led to a 3-year project for our company…. I was glad I got hacked!