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Is your workplace like High School?

High School is fun, right?   Well, Sometimes…  so look at the list below of Bolded problems and tell me if you agree that the workplace can often be similar to high school: In the Parentheses ( ) you will see the needed training, so tell me should this training be offered in the workplace and the school system?   If you watched “13 Reasons Why” you would see the counselor needed a simple system to ensure he ...

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See you February 6th 1:30pm at Liberty Tax 104 High Street WadsworthThank you to my readers I am blessed! by Katherine Miracle, your marketing and motivation czar

Check out this new title, Marketing and Motivation CZAR. One of our clients called me the Marketing and Motivation Czar and I was grateful.  I never would think to give myself that title.  I am blessed with clients and staff that inspire me and I am thankful I can help them.  As a university speaker, I speak on securing mentors and positivepeople in your life but most importantly, finding out what holds you ...

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Mentors unlock your potential by University Speaker Katherine Miracle

Mentors unlock your potential by  University Speaker Katherine Miracle Mentors provide knowledge, contacts and support for Mentees.  The successful mentor relationships have the mentee and mentor helping each other. Mentors provide inspiration, share quotes and recommend books that will help you grow personally and professionally.  My mentors have opened doors for me and helped me make connections that have ...

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Exceptional teamwork requires motivation, goals and resources

Tis the, giving, goodwill and to all readers I am blessed to have your support and prayer as I recover from surgery.  I am stronger everyday and being in the hospital I saw exceptional team work that I am thankful for this holiday season.  As you consider the holidays and how you will interact with family, friends and co-workers at holiday parties you may be experiencing apprehension and have ...

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University Speaker

Katherine Miracle presents the following to college students: Overcoming Stress and Preventing a Personal Crisis (see Bio) Katherine shares the mistakes she made during a time of tragedy in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. Using real life examples she makes her experience one that others can relate to. This presentation impacts college students because it is about the loss that she experien ...

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