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The story I do not want to share but it is time to be honest on why Wednesday meant so much!

Unable to speak to “Best Speaker  CBC Magazine  CCA Awards ” The story Katherine Miracle never wanted to tell Someone’s past can be a shadow to their success. Katherine Miracle tried to hide her illness in junior high but as her eyelid began to droop, her speech became slurred and at moments she could not speak or even breathe well she could not hide anymore.  Why hide an il ...

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Do not let a weekend define a lifetime

Dear Readers,      As you read Discovering Your Dawn you realized that Labor Day is always my most dreaded day of the year. As this anniversary of Dawn and Wendy's death approached I decided that I would try to change my attitude and not think about the tragedy of that fateful Labor Day weekend but instead focus on the love and memories that have stayed with me. Since I published Discove ...

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Be the ONE

Dear Readers,      As requested I am posting the commencement address I gave on  August 21, 2010. I was so proud to serve as  Business Motivational Speaker and  inspirational speaker for ACRT graduation. I love being a  University Guest Speaker and  Motivational Speaker because commencement marks the beginning of a new jour ...

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Why do you let fear stop your success from Motivational Speaker Katherine Miracle

Why do you let fear stop your success? As you learn from your past, do you see moments and opportunities that you regret not pursuing? Learn from them! As a university guest speaker I see that your fear of failing prevented your success and often your happiness. If you had tried and failed, you would have at least learned something, improved for your next attempt and had no regret. If you do not try you wil ...

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University Speaker

Katherine Miracle presents the following to college students: Overcoming Stress and Preventing a Personal Crisis (see Bio) Katherine shares the mistakes she made during a time of tragedy in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. Using real life examples she makes her experience one that others can relate to. This presentation impacts college students because it is about the loss that she experien ...

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