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Is your workplace like High School?

High School is fun, right?   Well, Sometimes…  so look at the list below of Bolded problems and tell me if you agree that the workplace can often be similar to high school: In the Parentheses ( ) you will see the needed training, so tell me should this training be offered in the workplace and the school system?   If you watched “13 Reasons Why” you would see the counselor needed a simple system to ensure he ...

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The story I do not want to share but it is time to be honest on why Wednesday meant so much!

Unable to speak to “Best Speaker  CBC Magazine  CCA Awards ” The story Katherine Miracle never wanted to tell Someone’s past can be a shadow to their success. Katherine Miracle tried to hide her illness in junior high but as her eyelid began to droop, her speech became slurred and at moments she could not speak or even breathe well she could not hide anymore.  Why hide an il ...

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Are you the one? Ask yourself the questions to see if you have fulfilled your goal of becoming the one person you dreamed of becoming.

From Katherine's second book  "The the One" The ultimate guide to leadership and motivation.  As a  Business Motivational Speaker Katherine helps audiences unlock their potential and  Increasing your Passion and Productivity in businesses and non profits   To be the One means to be the one person your company cannot live without, your family cannot live with ...

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Being the One in your business relationships

Being the one in your business relationships      To be the one means to be the one person that your clients/customers say “you have to call her/him they will help”  Miracle Resources heard clients say that phrase over and over and we decided to strive for it to be said by all of our customers.  If your mission is to bring value to clients, your purpose is to serve ...

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Your wake up call !!!!

Everyday you see people who struggle, just move through the day in survivor’s mode and react to situations rather than respond and learn from every opportunity.  In the workplace, this results in decreased revenue and productivity.  In our personal lives if we never see that we carry a shadow (our real problem) that shadow will destroy all hope for success. As a  Corporate Motivati ...

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Do not let a weekend define a lifetime

Dear Readers,      As you read Discovering Your Dawn you realized that Labor Day is always my most dreaded day of the year. As this anniversary of Dawn and Wendy's death approached I decided that I would try to change my attitude and not think about the tragedy of that fateful Labor Day weekend but instead focus on the love and memories that have stayed with me. Since I published Discove ...

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Be the ONE

Dear Readers,      As requested I am posting the commencement address I gave on  August 21, 2010. I was so proud to serve as  Business Motivational Speaker and  inspirational speaker for ACRT graduation. I love being a  University Guest Speaker and  Motivational Speaker because commencement marks the beginning of a new jour ...

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Be the One !!!

Dear Readers,      Today I challenge you to be the "One" !!!  As a business owner, Business Motivational Speaker and college instructor I meet people everyday who work hard but cannot unlock their potential. I have learned that everyone wants happiness and success but few people achieve both. The secret to unlocking your potential lies in learning from your past, ...

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Pain to Beauty

Dear Readers,      My title may concern you but as you send me comments I am inspired by your ability to overcome obstacles, find your passion and discover your truth(what I call your dawn).  As a  Christian Speaker for a retreat last weekend we discussed that people will betray you and you will put faith in people who let you down. God is the only one who will n ...

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