From Katherine’s second book  “The the One” The ultimate guide to leadership and motivation.  As a  Business Motivational Speaker Katherine helps audiences unlock their potential and  Increasing your Passion and Productivity in businesses and non profits


To be the One means to be the one person your company cannot live without, your family cannot live with out  but most important to be the one person you have always wanted to be

What you need to know


Your truth Revealed

“How to know yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself”


The first half of my life I tried to be exceptional for others, the second half of my life I will strive to be exceptional for me”

Only when you forgive can your truth be revealed. The obstacles, the hidden messages and the blessings are lessons that lead you to truth. Most people ignore them or crush under them. Can you say “it was my greatest gift” even if something was taken from you or your lost it.

Or do you crush under the weight of the loss. After forgiveness comes realization, connection and truth. Can you withstand the pressure of your truth. If you forgive and become accountable you can learn about yourself and slowly begin to believe about yourself and ultimately love yourself.

 Once I made peace with my past, I began to see the wonder and amazement of nature, people and love. I made peace, practiced positivity and did not judge but instead learned that love really never ends it just stays in your heart.

What is missing from your life?

What is it?  Did you lose it or did you ever have it?

Where do you find it?

Love = find it in yourself,  not through others

Happiness is not determined by your current circumstances it is determined by how you handle your current circumstances…jodie sweetin

I thought I was strong and to be the one, that is the one person I wanted to be, I needed to be perfect, happy, available and the smartest.  I was so wrong, I spent too much time looking at what I thought I was good at instead of listening to others. COSE saw my talent as a  Keynote Speaker and  Motivational Speaker  when I did not think I could do anything but seminars….. I would promote others but not myself.

I always wanted to see the reason why things happened, I wanted a conculsion instead of seeing the journey and learning from each moment.

My personal trainer  said I had the map but it was the wrong map for my weight loss. I told him my doctor told me no running but I kept running because I needed it.  My trainer said, “What are you running from?”  I realized it was myself , I need to run from my problems and not face them. It was easier to run get endorphins then face my truth.  My truth that I was not who I wanted to be and my self esteem was low because I lost faith in myself.  I was helping everyone but me.  My clients, audience members, family, friends and students got the best of me and I got nothing. Everyone said they needed me and I was their sunshine but I was not sharing my expectations of what I needed.  I was everyones Tylenol.

To be the one means to be someones rock and someones champion while getting the oxygen you need to be strong for others. 

The peace and discovery in my life began during the writing of my first book discovering your Dawn. As I spoke to more audiences, helped more students and clients it became clear that once you have forgiven you must learn to know yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself to truly become who you want to be.

During a time of intense pain and struggle I began writing this book because I was fighting for my happiness and learning how to believe in myself so I made a challenge, to be the one. The one God needed me to be and the one who I wanted to be. I needed to be accountable for the issues in my life like my weight and hiding my feelings of pain.  I did everything my first book suggested like asking for help, striving for self respect and achieving balance.  I did not make the mistakes I made during the first tragedy of my life.  I needed to kick myself in the butt on some issues and cut off some hurtful relationships in an effort to protect myself and my family.

 When I shared my expectations of my husband, my friends my family and my students they changed and expected more from themselves. 

Today I challenge you to Respect Yourself, Ask for Help and Strive for Balance only then can you…Be The One