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Don’t kill your brand with your 2015 training program

Do not kill your brand with your 2015 training program     If you answer yes to the any of the following, you put your company brand at risk and can decrease productivity. Make the corrections now and ensure that your 2015 training programs support your marketing and company brand.   Your training in 2015 is all online and not interactive: You run a great risk, your employees will become bored and surv ...

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Are you Exceptional? What your follow up and personal advertising campaign say about you!

Follow up Plan of Action using Smart Goal: (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Consider how you will follow up with customers without burdening them with too many messages. How do you plan to find out how customers like to communicate? E-Mail Phone Text Social Media High Touch meeting or seminar Free gift Hand written letters Example: Smart Goal- I will send a hand written thank you not ...

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The story I do not want to share but it is time to be honest on why Wednesday meant so much!

Unable to speak to “Best Speaker  CBC Magazine  CCA Awards ” The story Katherine Miracle never wanted to tell Someone’s past can be a shadow to their success. Katherine Miracle tried to hide her illness in junior high but as her eyelid began to droop, her speech became slurred and at moments she could not speak or even breathe well she could not hide anymore.  Why hide an il ...

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Being the One in your business relationships

Being the one in your business relationships      To be the one means to be the one person that your clients/customers say “you have to call her/him they will help”  Miracle Resources heard clients say that phrase over and over and we decided to strive for it to be said by all of our customers.  If your mission is to bring value to clients, your purpose is to serve ...

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Stop Marketing, Start Motivating

Dear Friends,       Thank you for reading this blog and please know you are invited as my guest to the Garfield Hts. Chamber Luncheon May 19th  Let me know by e mailing me at and I will get you in! I am speaking on my next book, "Stop Marketing, Start Motivating" I will be sharing marketing strategy that is proven to increase revenue and awareness. As a motivational marketing firm, m ...

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Make Marketing work for you in 2010 by Katherine Miracle Marketing Speaker

Making Marketing work for you!  “We can learn from advertising techniques to inspire and motivate us in 2010” by Katherine Miracle, Marketing  Keynote Speaker Each year I select a campaign slogan for the upcoming year, I base my selection on what I need to accomplish and my current situation.   2010            Whatever it takes!             Why I chose it: I have new products that I must push and  ask my co ...

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Marketing and Motivation help you increase revenue and awareness

Stop Marketing....Start Motivating.... your clients and customers are being hit with so many messages from your competition that they are wondering which choice is best for them.  Your clients and customers will only become a raving fan of your product or service if you motivate them to buy your product.  I know your thinking,  Katherine owns Miracle Resources, a marketing firm!  How can she say I should mo ...

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Marketing Strategist explains the secret to interactive marketing

Interactive Marketing Best Practices by Katherine Miracle, President, Miracle Resources   SEM and SEO are often the focus of most campaigns when sadly the bigger issue of branding and power words are lost in the strategy discussions. The best interactive campaigns begin with the most important purpose of any marketing campaign, that purpose is to help your clients and customers fall in love with your produc ...

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Are you exceptional? question from Katherine your marketing and sales speaker

My passion is marketing and I love working with businesses and non profits to increase revenue.  As a marketing and sales speaker I help people brand themselves to find jobs and to build business. Sometimes people confuse marketing with mass messages instead of helping customers and clients fall in love with your product or service.  Think about two people you know who sell the same product.  One sales pers ...

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