Is your goal to sell products?   In the past the answer was yes and you wanted clients/ customers that would stay with you forever!

Want more revenue… then stop selling products… yes I said it.  Stop selling products!

Campaign marketing is content marketing on steroids:

Campaign Marketing is:

Step 1: Focus on the purpose of why you do what you do.

Step 2: Share how your customer/ client wants to feel and grow their personal brand.

Step 3  Share that you have the solution they need.

Step 4:  Be the voice of your customers/ clients underlying feelings and thoughts.

Step 5:  Create visuals and design that is wow factor, so emotionally inspiring it takes their breath away.

Step 6:  Use real customers and clients who can share genuine passion about your brand.

So what about the lingerie?

Take a look at Aerie, American Eagles lingerie for 15 to 21 year old young women.

The campaign showcases… “Time to think real, no retouching and be yourself”

The idea to not photoshop, not use super models and to be yourself is a direct opposite of American Eagles competition.

The campaign goes to the target market that has been pushed to perfection. Aerie focuses on the feelings of the target market, the feelings of trying to look like a supermodel (being frustrated in that pursuit) and not accepting yourself as beautiful.

This campaign gives a purpose to the American Eagle brand (a brand that has come under scrutiny in the past) a brand is a promise, a trust between buyer and creator.

What does your brand promise?

What is the true purpose of your brand?

Today, begin a campaign based on your target markets thoughts, feelings and needs. When you create a campaign based on the solution and voice for your target market you can begin the lasting relationship that grows revenue!

Image source:

Photo: Courtesy of American Eagle
Video: Courtesy of Youtube and Good Morning America

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Aerie Launches #AerieREAL on Good Morning America