As a Keynote Speaker I have the honor to share from experience the realities of being a business owner, college instructor and marketing professional.  Clients tell me that the audience members need tools, resources and motivation.  The experiences I share are often from the success or failure of one of my companies products and the lessons are tough but they can help others.  As an entrepreneur I have experienced the proudest moments and the sadness of laying off employees when the economy fell apart in 2008.  The toughest day was when I called competitors to ask if they could hire two of our employees. I was worried about my team and I wanted to help my two laid off employees but it was a humbling moment to ask a competitor for help.  Unfortunately, our competitors were laying off as well but in that tough time we all learned a lesson.  The lesson of alliances, persistence to move to a better business model and the patience to keep going even though times are difficult.  As a Keynote Speaker you can share your success but I also share the lessons learned because I want audience members to avoid my mistakes, be motivated to keep going and see there is hope and I am proof!  

My keynote speeches range from power of positive attitude to marketing / personal branding to motivation/inspiration.  I recently gave the keynote at a seniors luncheon and I was so impressed with the audience. Everyone was so engaging and very interactive.  I love to get everyone involved and the seniors were amazing.  I loved my time with them and after my presentation I met with several audience members.  A gentleman kept moving to the back of the line and he was much older then the other audience members.  I did not want him to wait so I asked the person I was talking to if I could move the older gentleman in front of the line.  Everyone in line agreed because no one wanted the older gentleman to be last in line.  We all quickly learned the older gentleman did not want to be first because he said, “I want to talk with Katherine alone! ”   I thought oh no, this should be interesting.  When the older gentleman approached me he said,  “Katherine, I am 90 years old and I need you to do something every time you speak,  tell people that I have helped many people as they lay on their deathbeds.  Katherine, not one of those people talked about what they did with their life.  They all talked about what they wish they would have done.  Katherine tell people I am 90 years old and I have no regrets, I have done everything I wanted to”   I thanked my new friend and promised him I will tell people every time I speak.  I told him that he has lived a life full of passion and that is a life well lived!