On a team everyone plays a role. There are expectations for what that role should accomplish and how the person in that role should behave. 

Social media exposes how different team members are at work vs. their personal life. 

QuestionWas that tweet worth losing your job?

QuestionWas the workplace joke or gossip worth getting fired or even sued? 

Lawsuits and firings can occur due to a team member sharing a very different behavior or action at work. 

As leaders we can take actions to prevent lawsuits and turnover by creating an inquisitive culture. 

Inquisitive Culture, is a book that helps build leaders and team members who listen, use respectful communication, and drive revenue. 

ACTION ONE : Make team meetings inquisitive.

Prior to the meeting, send a survey presenting a problem that needs a solution. Then at the meeting report the anonymous results to show the direction the team is heading. Stop telling. Start presenting the situation. 

ACTION TWO:  Engage your team in an interactive training session followed by one-on-one coaching.

The team members will learn about what roles they play on the team and what they need to change to create a high-performance team. Everyone has a voice and a stake in building this team! 

ACTION THREE: Show team members your appreciation and their value.

Engage team members to look for the best in the team and the company! Discuss that they should help and encourage each other instead of reporting on each other or tearing each other down. Leaders who use team members as spies will find out that it usually backfires. Show team members their value based on their talent and teamwork. 


Create an incentive!!! Have your team create a list of 3 great workplace stories per month that employees can share with each other and possibly post on social media. Positive stories posted and shared by your team builds the brand and revenue. 

ACTION FOUR: Learn from other’s mistakes.  Miracle Resources does a yearly review of teams in crisis. These reviews are based on lawsuits, media reports, and listening sessions of what went wrong with the teams. Miracle Resources also provide reviews of success stories and the actions that made a team successful. 

ACTION FIVE:  Offer optional 15-minute meetings.

The 15-minute meeting is actually a one-on-one session where leaders listen and observe each team member. For Miracle Resources, these sessions are called “ Mock Tails” or “ Cocktails with Katherine”! 

When your team members, clients, or customers are engaged in short conversations and updates, they feel valued, and their time is not wasted. You can also learn their concerns and interests.  This knowledge will help people embrace the right roles. 


Your goal is to build leaders who listen and respect each team member through inquisitive meetings, group-created rules that build the brand, one-on-one communication (Mocktail Cocktails), encouragement, monthly team activities, and training. As a coach or leader, growing an inquisitive culture will build your brand, team, and revenue. 

Need a speaker, trainer, or a keynote address? 

Miracle Resources has a team of trainers who would be the perfect fit for your event. For a free assessment to determine your training needs contact Katherine Miracle at [email protected] .

Katherine Miracle has dedicated her life’s work to helping people and teams build strong brands and increase revenue. She’s an award- winning speaker and marketer who has traveled the country speaking to and training over 100,000 professionals. She is the CEO and founder of Miracle Resources…. home to 3 brands: 



Katherine and her team have created over 100 campaigns that have increased revenue for clients. Miracle Resources has helped Fortune 500 companies, start-up’s, colleges, and hospitals. Katherine & Miracle Resources are winners of the Distinguished Marketing Sales Awards from both the Cleveland & Akron organizations. 



This national training program uses certified trainers that cover every state to serve every team in America and has trained over 100,000 professionals. 



Katherine has given over 1,000 speeches including Keynotes and Commencement speeches. Her life’s work is to help people and teams use communication and branding to build strong teams that increase revenue. She coaches people to find their voice and organize a powerful presentation. Katherine has helped CEO’s, celebrities, people with severe anxiety and speech impediments. Katherine provides a confidential setting. She is a member of the communications faculty at the University of Akron and Kent State University. She was voted Best Speaker/ Facilitator for CBC Magazine. 

Katherine Miracle is the author of four books. 

Discovering Your Dawn 

Katherine uses her own life experiences to create a highly relatable narrative that motivates readers to overcome their difficulties in order to achieve their true potential. Katherine uses her first book as inspiration for her presentation to colleges and universities called “Results, Relationships, and Respect”.

Marketing That Drives Revenue

This book helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders increase revenue.

Your Strategic Personal Brand…The Truth and the Lies

This third book from Katherine Miracle gives readers the tools to use their own strategic personal branding to find their passion and purpose. This book is used in her BRAND+TEAM=REVENUE national training program, as well as at several career colleges. 

Inquisitive Culture

This fourth book is the secret weapon to survive and change the workplace from a toxic environment to a culture of success and respect. 

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