Imagine if this happened to you:  

You may not think the viral post is true, but stories are emerging of incidents, and you are asked, “Did your team have Unconscious Bias training?  Diversity training?  Emotional intelligence training?” 

Then the story of the incident hits social media.  An executive at your company has been making comments about customers’ weight, ethnicity, and age.  The backlash begins, your company stock value tanks, more incidents are shared on social media, and leaders are asked to resign. 

Why we often miss the signs: 

You see it in the news every week but never believe it will happen in your company. You probably feel this way because you do not see it.  

Name the worst behavior you have seen. That behavior is watched by everyone, and it shapes company culture.  

If we see the signs and do not know what to do:

Help is needed and it is time to“Inspect what you expect”   

To have a workplace culture of success and respect, you need a Workplace Culture Audit and consistent training.  

How would your team answer the questions below?  

How is Toxic Culture impacting you? 

Are you overwhelmed by Toxic Culture?  

If you are unsure of how these questions would be answered, then it is clear action needs to begin to build a culture of success and respect. 

Brand EquityTo survive and grow your brand, reach out for help and suggest  

training for the entire team. If you want your co-workers to be brand ambassadors, 

you will need communication and training to build your Brand, Team and Revenue. 

Training that leads to understanding what is behind the words gives you the power to stop people’s bad behavior.

A workplace story to learn from:  

Bad behavior can kill teamwork, and in a story sent into us via social media, we were shocked to see how the little drop of doubt and condescending words crashed the confidence of a co-worker.  Maybe you can relate?  

The Problem:  A team member, let’s call him Bradley, continues to question why a co-worker does not have common knowledge.  These comments are made about everyday life topics, not about work knowledge. Example:  Bradley says, “How could you not know that everyone says Shade.”   

The team member, trying to be respectful, does not defend himself or set boundaries and so the problem continues.  Sadly, the disrespect by Bradley becomes offensive, demeaning and happens to co- workers, clients and vendors. 

OBSERVE:  Miracle Resources team of trainers in our Brand+Team=Revenue national training program makes our first action to observe, ALWAYS OBSERVE. When we observe we see the motivation for the bad behavior. 

The Options for Optimal Solution:

·      Prevent toxic culture through team training

·      Observation

·      Provide customers and co-workers with anonymous ways to share their concerns  

·      Reach out for help

·      Consider a book club reading “Inquisitive Culture” to build a culture of success and respect 

The Optimal Solution:  as you look at all the options, select which ones should fit into the plan that is the best fit for your team.  

Culture Change

When your culture changes, consider the story of the toxic culture where customers and team members were ridiculed, oppressed, and marginalized. That culture leads to stress, health issues, lawsuits, and job loss.  If no one speaks out to change that culture, it grows like a cancer. Workers take it home and it impacts their families.  You may say it is just what happens at work, when in reality it affects every part of your life and the people in your life. “Toxic workplace culture is the second-hand smoke of our society” – Katherine Miracle  

About the Author

Katherine Miracle has dedicated her life’s work to helping people, and teams use branding and communication to build strong brands and teams that increase revenue.

Katherine’s fourth book “Inquisitive Culture,” is the secret weapon to survive and change the workplace from a toxic environment to a culture of success and respect.  

Please connect with her via email [email protected] or Twitter.

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Award-winning speaker and marketer, Katherine Miracle, has traveled the country speaking and training over 100,000 professionals. Katherine is the CEO and the founder of Miracle Resources home to three brands:

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Communication Concierge 

Katherine has given over 1,000 speeches including Keynotes and Commencement speeches, Her life’s work is to help people and teams use communication and branding to build strong teams that increase revenue. She coaches people to find their voice and organize a powerful presentation. Katherine has helped CEO’s, celebrities, people with severe anxiety, and speech impediments. Katherine provides a confidential setting and is a member of the communication faculty at The University of Akron and Kent State University. Katherine is a professional speaker who speaks nationally doing keynotes, training, and commencement speeches. She was voted Best Speaker/ Facilitator for CBC Magazine. Katherine also has served as a spokeswoman for several brands. 

Katherine is the author of four books. The first, “Discovering Your Dawn,” uses Katherine’s own life experience to create a highly-relatable narrative that motivates readers to overcome their difficulties in order to achieve their true potential.  Katherine speaks on this book in her presentation to colleges called “Results, Relationships and Respect.”  

Her second book, “Marketing That Drives Revenue,” helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders increase revenue. 

Katherine’s third book, “Your Strategic Personal Brand…The Truth and the Lies,” gives readers the tools to use their own Strategic Personal Branding to find their passion and purpose. This book is used in Brand + Team = Revenue national training program, as well as at several career colleges.