Dear Readers,

     As you read Discovering Your Dawn you realized that Labor Day is always my most dreaded day of the year. As this anniversary of Dawn and Wendy’s death approached I decided that I would try to change my attitude and not think about the tragedy of that fateful Labor Day weekend but instead focus on the love and memories that have stayed with me.

Since I published Discovering Your Dawn I was not sure how Miracle Resources clients would perceive this work and would they want me to focus on their marketing needs only. Our surprise as a staff has been that our clients now open up about what is holding them back and what shadows they are overcoming as a result of reading the book.  As a  Business Motivational Speaker I have audience members write to me on Labor Day to check on me.  I am so blessed because this year I received a special card from a Vietnam Veteran named Jimmy, Marlene the Executive Director of VMCAD Foundation and Margery, the most intelligent operation executive I know.  The card gave the words of God and soften the intensity of this weekend.

My sorority sister Sherri sent me a note that helped me realize that our love for Dawn and Wendy never died and that although we were forced to grow up quickly our bond as sisters deepened through this tragedy.

My husband joined me for the very first time at Dawns graveside today. Our prayer was that Dawn would be happy with my life and feel the love we have for her always. As I speak on college campuses as a  University Guest Speaker I meet students who struggle and our story helps them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As we start this week lets agree that we need to see our blessings not focus on our losses. Miracle Resources staff hopes to see you September 14th at 7pm at Legacy Village, Joseph Beth Booksellers for our networking event and book signing.

Wishing you all the very best,